Simple ways to save money in-store and online

Weekly offers for your weekly shop

From everyday essentials to big brands, spend less when you shop at Tesco

5 easy family meals for £25

Feed your family delicious and nutritious mid-week meals for less with our simple, seasonal dinner deals

Top budgeting tip: order your groceries online

Shopping for your groceries online can be more budget-friendly if you tend to pick up extras when you stroll through the supermarket aisles.

When you shop online, you can stick to your list of essentials, browse all the latest offers in one place, spend your Clubcard vouchers and see your basket bill.

Spend less with Tesco Mobile

We've frozen our mobile prices to help you spend less on your bills

Top budgeting tip: review your direct debits

Are you paying direct debits for subscriptions you're not using? We've all been there. If you've got gym memberships, TV subscriptions or monthly protection plans for old electronics, you might want to review them.

You could save money every month by reviewing your direct debits and cancelling the ones you no longer need or use.

Smaller shopping bills, more delicious dinners

Dining in can be double the fun for half the price with our frozen foods and family recipes to help your weekly shop last longer

Make your leftovers go further with Tesco Real Food

Our simple recipes can help you make your groceries last longer by reinventing your leftovers. Use your browning bananas, cooked meats and stale bread to feed the family and waste less.

Top budgeting tip: meal prep for the week

Preparing your meals for the whole week and storing batches in the fridge or freezer can cost less than buying daily ready-meals or popping to the shops for dinner.

See Tesco Bank tips

Batch cooking can help you control what goes in your food, save you time during the week and help you stick to your budget.

*Comparison of spend based on Tesco prices only. Prices checked and matched on hundreds of comparable products from GB Aldi stores and/or online twice weekly. Price most often found is matched excluding promotional prices. Prices matched pro rata. Products matched may vary by week. Selected Tesco stores excluding Express and NI stores. Product availability varies by store. For more details, see **Clubcard/app required. T&Cs apply. See Exclusions apply.