Aldi Price Match

Our Aldi Price Match means we've matched the prices on hundreds of Tesco and branded products against prices in Aldi. Look out for the 'Aldi Price Match' bubble in-store or fill your basket online!

FAQ Section

What products do we match?

We match against comparable products at Aldi or we match identical branded products at Aldi

What prices do we check?

We check prices in Aldi stores and/or online twice weekly. The stores we check are located in England, Wales and Scotland. Aldi do not have stores in Northern Ireland.

What price do you match?

We do not match against any promotional prices in Aldi stores and/or online. Pro-rata Aldi price matched considering the product’s size.

Where can I find the price-matched products?

The products we match will vary by week. They can be found in selected larger stores but not in Express stores or in NI stores. Our products’ availability varies by store. All products are subject to availability.


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