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Party starters

We've got your festive party covered with our easy cocktails and creative recipes

Divine desserts

Create incredible puddings with a real wow factor

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The 12 stars of Christmas

Discover our must-have festive food stars

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Love your leftovers

Laying on a generous feast means you can look forward to some lovely leftovers

Cold cuts

Turkey, beef, gammon, chicken, and goose will all keep well in the fridge for up to 3 days, ready to be sliced into sandwiches or served with chutneys and pickles. Duck and lamb are great shredded and tossed into grains or winter salads


Mix chopped, roasted vegetables with couscous for a buffet salad; mash potatoes and greens into a delicious brunch hash; and shred and toss sprouts into a spicy stir-fry


Turn smoked salmon into an indulgent breakfast with poached eggs and muffins, or fold plain cooked salmon or prawns through pasta


Roughly chop, mix with mashed potato, then form into cakes and fry until golden, or stir into pie fillings along with shredded turkey or ham


Grate all your odds and ends from the cheeseboard to make the ultimate cauliflower cheese, or use to make oozing cheese-and-gammon toasties for a quick and easy lunch

Christmas pudding

Crumble up some cold pudding and layer with whipped cream and custard for a festive trifle, or with ice cream and chocolate sauce for a seasonal sundae

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