Welcome to the July/August issue of Tesco Magazine

Summer's in full swing and we have some simple bakes to keep the kids busy. Plus, some G&T serves to enjoy afterwards

How to build your perfect serve

Get into the spirit of summer with a gincredible G&T

Keep little chefs entertained

There's nothing more magical than seeing a bowl of ingredients become a tasty treat. So teach your kids kitchen skills with these recipes

Raspberry heart loaf cake

Topped with fresh raspberries and dusted with plenty of icing sugar, this show-stopping cake has a delightful hidden surprise inside

Raspberry quesadillas

This simple snack is tons of fun to make. Enjoy crushing, spreading, folding and, most importantly, eating

Iced buns

With a little bit of help, older kids will love owning their first baking project. Just make sure they remember to share the finished product!

Sort out this week's menu

Try something new that'll wow your family

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