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Pub lunch

Longing for lazy days at the pub? Our fresh twists on these classics will take you there

Try something new this week

Add these deliciously affordable meals to this week's menu

Roast by numbers

Chicken or beef, and how many Yorkshire puddings? We took a look at the UK's roast dinner must-haves


are parsnip people

Making them the most popular veg (excluding roast potatoes, of course), followed closely by broccoli, peas and carrots


choose beef

It's the most popular meat for a roast, while chicken is the favourite in Wales and among people aged 18–24 years


love Yorkshire puds

They believe a roast isn't a roast without irresistibly crispy Yorkshire puddings. Most in the UK opt for 2 of them


go for the gravy

Out of the people we surveyed, the minority who don't love gravy are most likely to live in London or the West Midlands

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