Welcome to the May edition of the Tesco magazine

This month, we're bringing you healthy, money-saving recipes, top nutrition tips and some magic mocktails

Budget BBQ

Serve up a summer feast for less than £5 per person. Plus, these dishes are packed full of nutrition too.

Magic mocktails

These classy soft drinks deliver all the taste without the booze

Helpful Little Swaps

Find simple swaps to help you eat a well-balanced diet

Healthy snacking guide

New bite-sized ideas to give you more of the nutrients you need

Reach your 5-a-day: fruit and veg

The more varied your fruit and veg choices are, the wider the range of benefits your body will be getting. So rather than grabbing another apple, try something new to reach that goal

Feel less tired: B12

We need to get this essential vitamin from food because our body can’t make it. It's important for keeping the nervous system healthy, but also helps you get energy from food and reduces tiredness

Fuller for longer: fibre

Higher-fibre foods are great for digestion and can also help you feel fuller for longer. Fibre is most abundant in plant-based foods.

Growth and repair: protein

Protein is found in every cell in the human body and is vital for growth and repair. Getting protein from a variety of sources is important, so try plant based food like chickpeas and brocolli.

Support your bones: calcium

Actually, calcium does more than keep your bones strong: it also helps your heart, muscles and nerves to function properly

Get the lowdown on tomatoes

Learn about the different varieties of this British summer favourite and how to use them

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