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From hydration hacks, veg-packed recipes and tricks for a good night's sleep, we're here to help you take care of your body and mind

Bring in the sunshine

Get a little brightness into your kitchen with these colourful recipes

Stay hydrated

Refreshing and subtly fruity flavoured waters are our go-to drink in warm weather

The cool watermelon one

Infuse 3-4 chunks of watermelon, a few lime slices and 1-2 mint sprigs. Serve over ice for a refreshing drink with a cooling finish

The zesty grapefruit one

Infuse a handful of grapefruit wedges, a few thyme sprigs and some thinly sliced ginger, and enjoy a spicy kick

3 ways to add flavour

Sleep tight

The lowdown on how to get quality rest at night from sleep expert James Wilson

Check the temperature

A common mistake people make is having too hot a bedroom – 16 to 18 degrees is considered the ideal

Get your heart rate down

It's important to put a routine in place that tells our body it's time to wind down. Try herbal tea or aromatherapy oil to help relax

Don't stress about screens

The phone is not the problem, it's what we're doing on it. Avoid checking social media or reading work emails. Watch something light-hearted videos instead

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