A little help makes a big difference

Every little helps goes beyond just helping with your shopping. See how we’re helping customers, colleagues, communities and the planet.

Bags of Help is our local community grant scheme which funds thousands of community projects every year

The sale of our Bags for Life raises millions of pounds for good causes across the UK. Projects range from improving community buildings and outdoor spaces to new equipment, training coaches and volunteers, and hosting community events. Through their work in the community, our Community Champions raise awareness of this initiative and encourage local charities and organisations to apply and offer support.

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We're serious about packaging and plastic waste

We're taking action to remove all non-recyclable and hard to recycle materials. Where we can’t remove, reduce it to an absolute minimum. We'll explore new opportunities to reuse it, and if we can’t, then we'll ensure it's all recycled as part of a closed loop.

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A little help is...

Donating £66 million worth of food to communities

We use an innovative app to connect our stores with local organisations to make the best use of surplus food

Installing 100 'Changing Places' facilities

The Changing Places facilities offer specialist equipment such as hoists, privacy screens and adult-sized changing benches

Help for those with disabilities

Find out more about the sunflower lanyards, or find your nearest Changing Places toilet