Your new Clubcard

The Clubcard data we collect helps us personalise rewards for you, so you get more from your grocery shopping. The data helps us understand how customers use our shops, and means we can introduce the right new products and relevant offers, and provide the services you would like.

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Why have I been sent a replacement card or fob?

We have sent new Clubcards to all our customers who have recently used their Clubcard or key fobs because we have an exciting new design and your Clubcard is now contactless to make collecting points even easier. Your new Clubcard and key fobs are ready to use and linked to the same account as the old ones. If you haven’t received a new one by 30th July please click here to order online.

What do I do with my old card and key fob?

Your old card and key fob will only continue to work for a short period of time, so we recommend you dispose of them in a secure way; as you would with a bank card, cut them up and put them in household waste. All your points are already linked to your new Clubcard. We have already done all the hard work for you so your new Clubcard and key fobs have the same long number which means all your points and unspent vouchers are still in your account.

Check your personal details

It’s essential your details are kept up to date so that you can carry on to receiving vouchers and updates. In addition, it’s easier for us to detect and prevent fraud on your account if we have your correct details. Whenever you update your email address, home address or telephone number in your ‘My Clubcard Account’, we will send you confirmation by email. It is easy to check and update your details at any time. Just log into ‘My Clubcard Account’.

Learn how to keep your Clubcard safe

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