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This month, we're inviting you to brunch around the world and make fresh egg pasta, plus we demystify wine pairing

Brunch club

New ideas for weekend feasting, inspired by dishes from around the world

Sharpen up your cooking skills

Up your cooking game with our expert tips

Make your own pasta – no machine required!

Make your own pasta – no machine required!

Follow our step-by-step recipe and create beautiful ribbons of fresh golden pasta

You can use plain flour, but 00 flour gives it a little more bite. Then, rustle up our easy-peasy basil and walnut pesto. Stir it all together and start slurping!

Wine and dine

Selecting a wine to enjoy with your meal doesn’t have to be hard. Pair any of these with our wonderful coq au vin recipe.

Enjoy with our spring coq au vin

Swap out winter veg for spring produce and red wine for white. It may take a little while to cook but the results are totally worth it.

Pairing made simple

Ready to give food and wine matching a go? Tesco Product Development Manager Charlotte Lemoine sets out her steps to help you with everyday food pairings.

Target the main ingredient in your meal

'Body' is how weighty or light a wine feels when you taste. Think about how weighty the flavours in your dish are, then match the two. Delicate foods like chicken or fish need a wine with a light body (often a white) that won’t overpower. But for a robust steak, say, you want a full-bodied wine (usually a red) that stands up to it.

Consider how your dish is being cooked

You want to balance the dish with the wine. Rich, creamy sauces go best with creamy wines like oaked Chardonnay. Asian dishes packed with aromatic and tropical ingredients pair well with wines with similar flavours – like a Riesling. For smoky barbecued food, opt for a rich red with dark, complementary flavours.

Pair local with local

If in doubt, consider the origins of your dish; a wine from the same region is often a perfect match. Argentina produces some of the best steaks in the world…and makes one of the greatest steak wines: Malbec. Albariño from Rias Baixas, in northwest Spain, goes well with seafood, which is in abundance there.

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