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Welcome to the August edition of the Tesco Magazine

Recipes and inspiration to fill your summer with smiles

Summer food and drink

Update your ice cream

The ultimate summer staple gets a makeover with our inventive toppings


Gin Parlour

New & trending

NESCAFÉ GOLD dairy alternatives

Enjoy beautifully blended, creamy-tasting vegan lattes in an instant

Star buys

Pesto power

A little jar of green pesto can be the hero of all kinds of dishes

School stationery

Find everything your kids need for the new term, from handwriting pens and pencils to highlighters and notebooks

Kids' lunches

Take the pain out of cooking for your kids during the holidays with these 20-minute lunches

Top of the crops

The British weather can be very unpredictable. Find out what that means for our farmers and how we can make the most of a sudden glut of produce

What is a crop flush?

A crop flush is when a farm produces more food than planned, due to unpredictable growing conditions

What happens to extra crops?

The farmers put together larger 1kg and 600g boxes of fruit, which we can sell at a lower price

What about the future?

What about the future?

Farmers can now grow crops in protective tunnels to minimise waste – a key aim for the farmers and Tesco

How you can help reduce waste

Buy wonky fruit and veg

The more you buy, the less we have to throw away

Store your food correctly

Always check packaging for guidance

Love your leftovers!

Find great food-saving recipes at