Kids' menu

Kids' meal deal

Any main + 1 vegetable (sweetcorn, peas, veg sticks, baked beans) + 1 side (carrot and swede mash, ½ jacket potato, sweet potato fries, chunky chips, garlic bread) + 1 drink (water, milk, juice)

Mac and Cheese meal deal

330–490 calories

Sausages meal deal

345-505 calories

Chicken Goujons meal deal

220–380 calories

Fish Fingers meal deal

245–405 calories

Little Beans on Toast (v)

215 calories

Little Eggs on Toast (v)

275 calories

Little Avocado on Toast (v)

195 calories

(v) Suitable for vegetarians. (vg) Suitable for vegans.

Regional options are available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Menu options and servings may differ in some locations.

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