Tesco Café breakfast menu

The Big Breakfast

Two pork sausages, two bacon rashers, two fried eggs, three hash browns and baked beans, served with white toast, 1,095kcal

The Breakfast

British pork sausage, bacon rasher, fried egg, two hash browns, roasted tomato, baked beans, and a choice of either fried bread or toast, 750kcal

The Breakfast Muffin

Pork and herb sausage patty with a fried egg and a cheese slice in a toasted breakfast muffin, 415kcal

The Vegetarian Breakfast (v)

Two Tesco Plant Chef meat free bangers, fried egg, two hash browns, baked beans and white toast, 725kcal

Vegan Breakfast (vg)

Vegan sausage, avocado, baked beans, flat mushroom, wilted spinach, roasted tomato, and multiseed toast with vegan spread, 645kcal

Shakshuka Style Eggs

Fried eggs in a lightly spiced tomato, pepper and onion sauce, served with sourdough toast, 595kcal

Chorizo Breakfast Eggs

Crispy chorizo and fried eggs served with smashed avocado, chilli flakes and lime on sourdough toast, and topped with wild rocket, 515kcal

Bacon and Maple Loaded Waffles

Warm waffles topped with streaky bacon and maple style drizzle, 635kcal

Granola, Berries and Yogurt Loaded Waffles

Warm waffles topped with yogurt, berries, granola and a honey drizzle, 665kcal

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough (vg)

Smashed avocado with fresh tomato, chilli flakes and a squeeze of lime served on a slice of multiseed toast, 255kcal

Eggs on Toast (v)

Poached (410kcal), fried (435kcal) or scrambled eggs (430kcal), served on white toast

Posh Beans on Toast (v)

Smoky barbeque beans with a poached egg and coriander on sourdough toast, 430 kcal

Scrambled Egg and Bacon Brioche

Scrambled eggs, bacon and a cheese slice with peri-peri mayonnaise and red onion chutney, served in a toasted brioche bun, 540kcal

Breakfast Baps

Bacon, British pork or veggie sausage in a white bap Choose from bacon (470kcal), pork sausage (480kcal) or veggie sausage (480kcal)

Ham and Cheese Croissant

Honey roast ham and mature cheddar cheese in a toasted croissant, 385kcal

Mushroom and Emmental Croissant (v)

Mushrooms and Emmental in a toasted croissant, 345kcal

Toasted Teacake (v)

Served with butter, 360kcal

(v) Suitable for vegetarians. (vg) Suitable for vegans.

Regional options are available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Menu options and servings may differ in some locations.

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