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Every single Tesco berry is handpicked for ripeness

All of our berries, from succulent strawberries to juicy blackberries, are handpicked and refrigerated within the hour. It’s how we keep them fresh and bursting with flavour

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Tesco carrots

Tesco carrots

Straw blankets protect Tesco British carrots keeping them sweet and crunchy

During the cold winter months, straw blankets help our carrots stay warm, making sure they keep their crunch. In spring, the blankets help to keep them cool and dark, so they stay naturally sweet.

Tesco tomatoes

Tesco tomatoes

All Tesco tomatoes are vine-ripened for the fullest flavour

Working in partnership with trusted growers, all our tomatoes are carefully ripened on the vine for a fresh aroma, succulent texture and sweet, juicy flavour.

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