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Mike's 'mother of all' marinades

Saying Mike’s family don’t appreciate his cooking wouldn’t be fair. But when it comes to the homemade barbecue marinades he’s so proud of…let’s just say, they’re less than enthusiastic. So, he’s finally tried another approach. Today, he’s serving Tesco Fire Pit Salt & Chilli Pork Belly Slices – pork belly tumbled in a marinade of sea salt, red chilli, black pepper, parsley, fennel seed, sugar, and onion – as well as Tesco Fire Pit Mango, Coconut & Lime Chicken Mini Fillets. His family think it’s amazing. But then, this time, he did have a little help

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‘Not quite’ Aunty’s sumac chicken

‘Not quite’ Aunty’s sumac chicken

This Ramadan, we may not be able to enjoy the iftar meal with our friends and family...

...but that doesn’t mean we can’t still tuck in to our family favourite foods. We've lots of recipes inspired by home-cooked classics for you to recreate. Follow them word-for-word or give the dish a twist with top tips from your family and friends. Just imagine how delighted they’ll be when you show them what you’ve made over video call - just like these brothers did

Jamie's 'home school dinner' stir fry

Jamie's 'home school dinner' stir fry

Parents, now your home’s become a classroom, you’re not only in charge of teaching but also cooking the school dinners

Thankfully, Jamie Oliver has planned lunch to take some of the workload off your plate. His delicious 'home school dinner' stir fry is super simple to make and packs 2 of your child's 5-a-day into 1 dish. Finish it off with a dousing of Jamie’s secret ingredient, hoisin sauce, and prepare to pass your child’s strict taste test with flying colours

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