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Sue’s ‘dive in’ crispy pork noodles

There’s nothing like a spot of wild swimming to give you an appetite, and Sue’s ‘dive in’ crispy pork noodles, made with Tesco Finest crackling pork loin joint, has become a bit of a tradition over the years. Sue’s friends love to prepare it with her after a bracing dip in the sea – the combination of gloriously crackled, succulent pork and spicy Asian flavours are just the thing to fuel an afternoon of stories and laughter.

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Olly's 'thank you' Finest burgers

Olly's 'thank you' Finest burgers

Reading has never come easily to Olly, but his mum always supported him. Instead of making him stare at a book, she’d suggest they have fun cooking together. Little did he know, she was getting him to practise by reading the recipe. Now Olly’s almost finished school, he’s cooking their favourite Mexican-inspired burgers on his own as a way of saying thanks.

Carl's 'all-change' casserole

Carl's 'all-change' casserole

When Chloe says she doesn’t want to eat animals anymore, her dad Carl fears for the future of hisfavourite sausage casserole. But thanks to Tesco Plant Chef Meat-Free Cumberland-style Bangers, the new casserole is just as tasty – or ‘even better’, as Chloe puts it.

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