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Welcome to the January edition of the Tesco Magazine.

It’s our centenary this year! And we’re celebrating 100 years of great value with recipes that your taste buds and bank balance will love.

Your special anniversary edition

Celebrate with us

Our lemon, tea and blueberry showstopper is perfect for any special occasion

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Chilli non carne

A flavoursome veggie twist on a classic recipe, served with chilli cornbread

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Baked sweet potato

This simple, vegetarian and gluten-free dish is brought alive with spices

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Satay chicken wrap

Pack a lunch with punch! These moreish peanutty wraps are filled with feisty flavours

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Parsnip and ginger soup

Sweet and earthy, this spiced-up soup will warm up every inch of you

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Batch-it-up family Bolognese

Jamie Oliver’s hearty slow cook recipe makes a great base for your favourite family meals

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