Keep your Clubcard safe

Be careful when sharing your Clubcard details, and never buy or sell your vouchers

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Sharing your details with loyalty card apps

There are apps that conveniently merge all of your loyalty cards like Clubcard into one space. These are third party apps that we are not associated with. These apps collect your details which means they can access information about you - like your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and your shopping habits. You are also giving these other organisations your username and password for your Clubcard account and that can result in your details being stolen if these apps are hacked.

Loyalty card apps may share your details

Some companies that manage these third party apps might also sell your personal data to other organisations. There is a risk that you might get annoying emails and telephone calls which you don’t think you’ve signed up for! Tesco unfortunately has absolutely no control over this, as the other organisations you’ve shared your data with are not bound to our privacy and cookie policy, and so we can't control how these companies use your data. We strongly recommend you only share your Clubcard details with Tesco affiliated apps and websites. If in any doubt then please call our customer service team and they will be happy to advise you.

People selling Clubcard vouchers online

Please remember you can’t buy or sell Clubcard vouchers, and doing so may mean your account or points get cancelled, as this is against Tesco’s terms and conditions.

Keeping your Tesco account safe

If someone gets hold of your Tesco account username and password, they can access your Tesco account and may even steal your Clubcard vouchers. Learn how to create better and stronger passwords

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