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Food Love Stories

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Dee’s ‘fingers crossed’ paprika burgers

Make your own burgers with our Finest Aberdeen Angus beef

Paprika burgers are Dee’s son’s favourite, so that’s what she’s making him on A level results day. She’s keeping her fingers crossed but she’s proud of him, no matter what. So, whether he’s celebrating or in need of a bit of comfort, his favourite burgers seem fitting for the occasion.

Claire’s ‘treat time’ fruit cones

Topped with our fresh berries, all handpicked for the perfect ripeness

The ultimate summer treat, Claire has given her ice cream cones a healthy makeover with delicious fresh fruit and cool natural yogurt. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy, as part of an outdoor feast or after a day at the seaside.

Elena’s ‘cheeky tortilla’ quiche

Swap pastry for tortillas to make a crispier, lighter quiche

You know how some people have the ability to magic up tasty meals from random leftovers using just sheer kitchen creativity? That’s the super power that Elena has. This quiche, which cleverly uses tortillas instead of pastry, is the proof.

Henry’s ‘being good tonight’ falafel

Add flavour to your falafel with a rainbow of fresh, crunchy veg

Henry was a bit gutted when his girlfriend became a devout vegetarian – especially as he loves his steak and chips. However, being the true gent that he is, he crafted this wonderfully healthy (and tasty) meal for her that’s become an instant favourite.