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Food Love Stories

Jimmy’s steak for two

Our steaks are 21-day matured for extra flavour

Since Jimmy went to live with his dad, he’s taken on some new responsibilities, such as learning to cook. But it turns out, it’s something he loves to do. So, for his dad’s first date, Jimmy rustles up a romantic meal for two – leaving Dad to pour the wine and take all the credit for the cooking!

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Jane’s fishcakes ‘for two, or one’

Best made with our responsibly sourced wild cod

Jane’s boyfriend loves these fishcakes but since they’ve had a falling out, Jane’s making some just for herself. Maybe, if he apologises, she’ll turn them into a make-up dinner for two. Maybe…

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Make the food you love, for the people you love

Iain’s ‘proper’ croque monsieur

Best smothered with Tesco finest* Gruyère

Since Iain and his dad first tasted a simple croque monsieur in France, it’s become their favourite weekend lunch. Iain’s made a few changes to it along the way (bonjour, wafer-thin roast turkey) – but for him and his dad, it’s most definitely ‘proper’.

Al’s ‘ace’ gluten- free pancakes

Best served drizzled with Tesco Canadian maple syrup

Al doesn’t mind getting up early to help the kids make Mum a special breakfast in bed. Only problem is, they are so thrilled with how happy it makes her, they now want to make her pancakes every weekend!