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Food Love Stories

Nana’s ‘magic’ soup

Packed with flavour and 2 of your 5 a day

Nana’s magic soup is the best medicine to make her grandson feel better when he’s poorly. She even sneaks in a few things that he doesn’t like much. But if he finds out, he won’t kick up a fuss, because it tastes so good.

Frankie’s‘late-night’ breakfast

Baked with sweet Italian vine-ripened tomatoes

Frankie and boyfriend Sam love a night out. But the best bit for Sam is coming home to Frankie’s Mediterranean baked eggs – a great late-night breakfast and the ultimate comfort food to ease a hangover.

Marc’s‘winning’ sweet potato fritters

A crispy treat, packed full of veg

Watching football while eating chips was always a big deal for Marc and his dad. But Dad has to try and be healthier now, so Marc makes his spicy baked fritters instead – proper sharing food they can tuck into while cheering on their team.

Yann and Pam’s ‘recharge’ ratatouille

A hearty meal bursting with goodness

This tasty ratatouille recipe is both hearty and filling, with all the sunny flavours of the Mediterranean from tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines. In our Food Love Story, this easy traybake is Yann and Pam's favourite dish to serve their daughter when she returns home from a weekend festival and is in need of some wholesome home cooking.