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In 1847, a young Bavarian immigrant called Johann Gramp missed the wine he used to drink in his home land. Instead of changing his habits, he decided to start growing grapes and attempt to make the wine himself. It was a way of adapting to a new country, but still staying true to his character.

What he didn't know was that when he planted the Barossa Valley's first commercial vineyard along the banks of Jacob's Creek, he was also planting the seeds of one of the most popular wine brands in the world that would be named after the waterway.

Today, Jacob's Creek remains one of the most well known, trusted and enjoyed Australian wines around the world. It delivers fresh, elegant and great tasting wines that show true varietal character.

" A quality range of fresh varietal wines that reflect the true character of the brand, ideal for everyday enjoyment."

Elaine Ratcliffe

Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre Manager


"Each Twin Pickings wine draws its sophistication from the complex fruit flavours of a well-loved aromatic grape variety. One shows the elegant passionfruit and citrus hints of Sauvignon Blanc. The other reveals the delicate pear and honeysuckle flavours of Pinot Grigio. In both cases, the dash of Moscato Bianco brings an alluring hint of sweetness to the finish."

Rebekah Richardson

- Winemaker


" Premium, varietal wines with each grape variety drawn from one of three legendary Australian regions: Barossa, Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills. Real personality and a regional style, something great to talk about."

Sam Kurtz

- Winemaker


" A range of wines that adds something special to every occasion and taste. Enjoy pre-dinner, during or after dinner - whenever you want to add some bubbles. "

Rebekah Richardson

- Winemaker


The skill of the winemaker is crucial to the quality of the wine we all enjoy. The soil, climate and grape type are very important but it is how these grapes are then handled throughout the winemaking process that helps to determine the quality of the end result.

Bernard joined Jacob's Creek in 1976 and since then the winery has expanded and refined its approach to winemaking. His passion and enthusiasm have impacted greatly on our team. He is well respected within the wine industry and has inspired a raft of young winemakers to pursue their dreams.

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