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Tesco Wine Co-buys. Share our wine deals to make their price drop!Tesco Wine Co-buys. Share our wine deals to make their price drop!

  • With Co-buys the more people who buy, the better the price becomes for EVERYONE.
  • Whoever brings the most other people into a Co-buy gets their product for free!
  • Co-buys only last a short time, and stock is limited, so sign-up for alerts so you don't miss out.
  • In fact, the more people who sign up for alerts, the bigger and better we'll make the Co-buys.
  • Tell us which products you'd like to see in a Co-buy and we'll make popular requests happen.

Frequently asked questionsSee all FAQs >

  • Question 01. What is Co-buying?

    With the help of our partners, buyapowa, it's our way of giving you more control. The power of Co-buying means that as more people join a Co-buy the price drops. Joining a Co-buy guarantees your purchase and gives you the opportunity to get more for your money by bringing in other buyers. Bring in more buyers than anyone else and you could get your Co-buy for free. Each Co-buy lasts for only a few hours and there are only ever a limited number of each product. Use Facebook, Twitter and Email to share and spread the word about Co-buying. Request any product you think deserves a Co-buy. Popular requests will then result in new Co-buys. X Close
  • Question 02. How do I join a Co-buy?

    Click the 'Join Now' button on the Co-buy page. It's very quick and easy to do so. You can speed it up even more by connecting with Facebook. If you don't want your name or picture (when connecting with Facebook) to show up on the Co-buy leaderboard, there is an option to hide it during the checkout. X Close
  • Question 03. What is the Co-buy Leaderboard?

    As the name suggests the leaderboard displays everyone in the Co-buy and indicates who has brought in the most other buyers. Check it out to see how close you are to the top, or how near to being toppled from the pole position you are. If you top the leaderboard at the end of a Co-buy, and as long as the Co-buy sells out, you'll get your product for free. X Close
  • Question 04. How much does it cost to join a Co-buy?

    At the end of the Co-buy we only charge you £10, as proof of your age and identity. You'll need to pay the balance on the Tesco.com site when you purchase the wine. We'll send you a special code and a link to Tesco.com, allowing you to get the product at the special co-buying price. Minus the £10 of course - which we took at the end of the Co-buy. X Close
  • Question 05. How do I request a Co-buy?

    If there's something you really want to see in a Tesco Co-buy, use the Requests link on the Tesco Co-buying site. You can submit a product and how much you'd be willing to pay for it - if enough others are looking for the same thing we'll turn it into a Co-buy. X Close


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