Persil Bio. Washing Liquid 40 Washes 1.4L

Persil Bio. Washing Liquid 40 Washes 1.4L
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Product Description

  • Bio Washing Liquid
  • If you need a Stain Eraser Ball please visit
  • An A.I.S.E. voluntary sustainability initiative
  • Persil believes that Dirt is Good Spending time in the great outdoors helps kids develop important skills and enables hands on learning, although we understand that finding the time and inspiration isn't always easy.
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  • Tackling tough stains can be a challenge, but with Persil small & mighty Bio Liquid Detergent stain removal is simple. It offers effective stain removal even in a quick wash, making it the perfect laundry detergent for any busy routine. Packaged in a convenient flip top bottle with a pouring spout, Persil small and mighty laundry detergent is quick and simple to use. Persil liquid also comes with a free Stain Eraser Dosing Ball to make pre-treating stains easy. Persil small & mighty Bio's improved biological formula contains enzymes that break down stains even in a 30°C wash, helping to loosen them from fabric fibres. It provides great stain removal for common stains such as grease, pasta sauce, and orange juice.

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Unilever UK Limited, Manufacturers of Food and Household Products, Leatherhead, KT22 7GR

  • Winner of Which? Best Buy Washing Liquid 2016
  • Brilliant stain removal, even in a quick wash
  • Helps remove tough stains like grease and mud
  • Persil bio liquid works efficiently at lower temperatures
  • Comes with the innovative Stain Eraser Dosing Ball for pre-treating stains
  • Powder, capsules, and tablets are also available in the Persil bio range
  • Pack size: 1.4L



15-30%: Anionic Surfactants, 5-15%: Nonionic Surfactants, Soap, <5%: Enzymes, Optical Brighteners, Perfume, Phosphates, Polycarboxylates, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citronellol, Geraniol

Preparation and Usage

  • Before first use, remove plug by peeling gently towards spout. Dispose of carefully
  • 1 Pour it
  • Standard loads (4-5kg) Soft/medium water or Larger, dirtier loads (6-8kg) Hard water
  • Optional step for tough stains gently rub with Stain Eraser Ball
  • 2 Place ball on top & back of load
  • Fabric care
  • Check care labels first.
  • Wash dark colours separately.
  • Check colour-fastness before pre-treating with neat liquid.
  • Do not use on silk and wool.
  • Don't wash flame-resistant fabrics above 50°C.
  • Stain Eraser Ball not recommended for combined washer dryers.
  • Unilever recommend to wash at low temperatures such as 30°C.
  • Dosage:
  • Follow these instructions for best results with Persil bio liquid. Before first use, remove the safety by peeling gently towards spout. Dispose of carefully. Pour the correct dosage of Persil liquid into the Stain Eraser Ball (check the product label for full dosing instructions for your load size) and place on top of the clothes in the washing machine drum. Check the garment care labels before selecting the appropriate temperature and wash cycle. Do not use on silk, wool or other delicate fabrics.
  • To pre-treat stains with