Product Description

  • Soluble fibre food supplement powder.
  • Fibre is an important part of your diet but most people only get about half of their daily recommended amount*. Benefiber can help you top up your fibre intake as part of a healthy, varied and well balanced diet and active lifestyle. And because you can mix Benefiber with almost anything it's even easier to add more fibre to your diet.
  • Benefiber is Taste-free. Non-thickening so it won't alter the taste or texture of your foods or beverages.
  • Be creative with Benefiber. Try it in your coffee, juice or yoghurt.
  • *The British Nutrition Foundation says that in the UK most people do not eat enough fibre (the average intake is 12 g per day). The recommended intake for adults is currently 18 g per day.
  • 38 Servings
  • Packaged by weight, not volume.
  • Contents may settle during shipping and handling.
  • 100% soluble fibre
  • Sodium, sugar and gluten free
  • Makes taking fibre even easier
  • Dissolves completely in beverages and soft foods
  • Sodium free
  • Sugar free



Wheat Dextrin (100%)

Allergy Information

  • Free From: Gluten
  • Gluten free less than 10 ppm


Benefiber powder should not be stored above 30 °C. Keep the bottle tightly closed. Store in the original package. Should be stored out of the reach of young children., Benefiber powder may be only used until the Best Before date., Use within 6 months from opening. Do not use if protective printed seal beneath cap is broken or missing.

Preparation and Usage

  • Directions for use:
  • Stir 2 teaspoons of Benefiber powder into at least 120-240 ml of any beverage or soft food (hot or cold). Stir well until dissolved. Not recommended for carbonated beverages.
  • Recommended Daily Intake:
  • 2 teaspoons (3.9 g total) contains 3 grams of dietary fibre. To help ensure you get enough fibre in your diet we suggest you use 2 teaspoons of Benefiber mixed in your food or drink twice a day, to top up your fibre intake. Some people with very low fibre in their diets may experience slight abdominal discomfort and should this affect you we suggest about half this amount for the first week. Ensure you drink plenty of water. Experts recommend 8 glasses a day.

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