A History of… Shapewear Solutions

From smoothing slips to multiway bras and control briefs, shapewear is a party essential. We take a look back at its beginnings and trace its evolution through the ages

The Early Years The

Dating back to the 16th century, the corset is the mother of modern shapewear and paved the way for everything since. Throughout its years of popularity, the corset underwent a variety of changes from the addition of whalebone in the Elizabethan era to the invention of the Gibson Girls’ favourite S-bend corset in the 1900s

1920s Straight
and Sporty

After centuries of corseted waists, the 1920s marked a change in women’s silhouettes. With the rise of the flapper girl aesthetic and Coco Chanel’s invention of modern sportswear, women looked to camisoles, bandeau bras and girdles designed to bind the body in an effort to achieve a curve-free, boyish shape

1950s The Waist

As Dior’s New Look grew in popularity, post-war women once again turned to the corset in order to gain a defined, nipped-in waist. To further exaggerate the silhouette, bustles and padding were added to the hips. Stitched cone bras gave breasts a pointed, conical shape acting as the first push up bras

2000s Celebs

Founded in 1998 after saleswomen Sarah Blakely cut the feet off a pair of control tights, Spanx revolutionised shapewear. The smoothing design soon became a red carpet favourite, with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Oprah Winfrey declaring their love for the shapewear solution during the decade

Now The Kim

Shapewear is once again in the spotlight thanks to Kim Kardashian. Known for wearing two body shapers at once to enhance her signature silhouette, the shapewear enthusiast has sparked new innovations including everything from padded briefs to corset-style waist trainers that Kim herself uses

Now Modern Solutions

Today's shapewear is a far cry from the Bridget Jones pants of the past. Including chic smoothing bodies that can be worn with your own bra as well as briefs with stylish selvedge details and waist cinching technology, these modern styles are designed to subtly smooth and enhance your silhouette