Pure is the number one digital radio manufacturer in the world, using UK-based design and engineering to produce the world's most innovative range of digital and internet radios.

Quality is important to us at PURE. We are proud to offer a two year warranty on all of our radio products (excluding accessories which carry a one year warranty). You can trust in PURE for engineering excellence, cutting edge technology and our commitment to the environment through the PURE EcoPlus programme.

PURE Lounge

All the music you want, whenever you want it. The PURE Lounge gives you instant access to millions of music tracks through your computer, smartphone or PURE internet radio.

The PURE Lounge gives you access to the same internet radio, on-demand content and PURE sounds as our internet radios and works alongside them, providing an online music catalogue and store. Register your radio on the Lounge and you can organise and share your favourites.

Portable Digital Radios

Our range of portable products lets you take class-leading audio with you wherever you go, whether you want to listen to digital and FM radio, internet radio or just plug in your iPod.

In-car digital radio

If you want digital radio in your car, Highway is a unique, easy to fit in-car digital radio that also enables you to listen to your iPod/MP3 player. Powered from the in-car power socket, Highway receives digital radio stations and either transmits them to your car radio on a free FM frequency or connects directly to its aux-in socket.

Complete with a flexible mount and discrete windscreen aerial, Highway can even be removed and used, with headphones and batteries (not supplied), as a personal digital radio.

Out and about

If you're out and about, for complete go-anywhere listening all models take an optional rechargeable ChargePAK or come with one pre-installed.

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Bedside Digital Clock Radios

Drift off to sleep and wake up to your choice of listening with one of our clock radios.


Features include multiple alarms with daily, weekly or weekend settings, large clock displays, sleep and snooze timers, auto-dimming displays and our useful USB Powerport (selected models only) - ideal for charging your mobile.

Bedside Range

Our bedside range includes the best selling Siestas and distinctive triangular Chronos models. All models receive digital radio and FM, with some adding internet radio, music streaming, iPod/iPhone docking and CD playback.

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Internet Radios

A whole new world of listening. Pure internet radio brings you a huge variety of listening available on the internet, digital, FM radio broadcasts and your own digital music collection.

Pure Tag for music discovery

Pure Tag is a unique free service which lets you identify tracks on any digital, FM or internet radio station, discover new music and buy tracks in high quality MP3 format direct from your Pure internet radio.

Simply register your radio on the Pure Lounge, give us some details (so we can verify your age and country of residence to enable music purchase) and you can tag and buy tracks on your radio, and then go online to create playlists, explore related content, buy tracks and albums from our online music store and more.

The Pure Lounge

The Pure Lounge is our online gateway to internet listening and Pure services. The Lounge gives you access to the same internet radio, on-demand content and Pure Sounds as our internet radios and works alongside them, providing an online music catalogue and store. Register a Pure internet radio on the Lounge and you can save, organize and share your favourites between the website and your radio, and access additional services such as Pure Tag for music discovery and purchase.

Download the Pure Lounge app from the app store and you can listen to all your favourite Lounge content on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can use the Lounge app wherever you have a Wi-Fi or 3G network connection.

Internet Radio Explained

Internet radios use the same wireless technology as portable computers so you can access radio stations from across the world, listen when you want with catch-up radio, and enjoy a great selection of podcasts - all on a device which looks, feels and sounds like a radio.

What's more, internet radios are much more energy efficient than listening on a computer, or through your TV.

With an internet radio you can enjoy the following great content away from your PC.

  • A world of global, national and local radio stations - some familiar and some brand new. Whatever you're passionate about, there's a station to match.
  • Your favourite shows when you want them from broadcasters, like the BBC, who have a catch-up service.
  • Thousands of podcasts available anytime, including comedy, sports chat, current affairs, language learning, kids stories, and much more.
  • Music streamed from a Wi-Fi enabled computer or network storage device.

Pure internet radios also update themselves automatically, downloading and adding product features as soon as they become available.

On-demand listening

There are thousands of podcasts and listen again programmes to discover and they're all immediately available online or on your Pure internet radio.

Music streaming

If you've got a computer or network storage device connected to your Wi-Fi network you can stream music from it to your Pure internet radio.

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iPod/iPhone Dock

Make the most of you digital music collection by choosing a Pure product with an iPod/iPhone dock.

The i20 Dock

Make the most of your digital music collection by choosing a Pure product with an iPod/iPhone dock or by connecting your iPod or iPhone to any other product with an audio input using our i-20 dock.

i-20 is compatible with both iPods and iPhones, delivers hi-fi quality by extracting raw digital audio for processing on the dock itself, features Clearsound, a hi-fi quality DAC, multiple audio and video outputs, and a remote control.

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A fantastic range of accessories designed to complement your Pure products.

Pure ChargePAKs

Pure ChargePAKs are rechargeable battery packs which fit into the battery compartment of your Pure radio and charge when the radio is connected to the mains so you can take the radio wherever you want. Pure ChargePAKs have the added benefits of being much more economical than regular batteries and significantly kinder to the environment, reducing the quantity of batteries that end up in landfills.


For high-quality stereo sound from selected EVOKE radios, why not add a matching auxiliary speaker. All our auxiliary speakers feature a matching full-range 3 inche drive unit and are bass-ported. Designed to match your radio in style and finish, please not that the auxiliary speakers use real wood veneer, so some variation in shade and grain is to be expected.

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