Choose your pay monthly tariff

All our pay monthly tariffs were rated ‘Best value’ by uSwitch in 2016, so you know you’re getting fantastic value

SIM only

Perfect if you

  • Are happy with your phone and want a new deal for your minutes, texts and data.
  • Are looking to switch mobile phone network and are happy with your current phone.
  • Prefer less commitment and normally lower cost than a contract with phone.

SIM only deals have shorter contracts, so you’re not committed for as long as our other contracts. You’ll normally pay less each month than you would on a contract with a phone included too.

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Perfect if you

  • Want a phone with a minutes, texts and data allowance
  • Just fancy a simple monthly contract

You pay a set monthly tariff price throughout your contract. You can upgrade towards the end of your minimum contract term.

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Anytime Upgrade

Perfect if you

  • Like to change phone any time in your contract
  • Want your monthly bill to automatically drop after 24 months
  • Fancy lower early upgrade fees

Your monthly payment is made up of a phone payment and a usage payment, and you pay this over 24 months.

At any time if you fancy an upgrade, just pay the rest of your phone payments and choose a new phone. Or if you keep your phone after 24 months, your phone payments will stop and your monthly bill will drop to just your usage payment.

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