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Leave your laptop at home and save the luggage space. The Galaxy Camera is the only truly connected camera in the world. Straight from the camera, you can connect, upload, share, and even post to your favourite social media. So the next time you're out vacationing and want to instantly share all your memories with the folks back home, the Galaxy Camera is the only thing that you need.

Share Shoot

Shoot and share in real time Remember all those annoying group photos that take forever because everyone brought their own camera? Well, forget it because now you can share your photos at the same time you shoot them with Share Shot. It lets you share your pictures with up to 5 other Wi-Fi direct devices within range. It works like a charm

Auto Upload

Back up your photos in the cloud automatically Galaxy Camera’s convenient Auto Upload feature automatically saves your precious family photos into the cloud the instant you take them. Tell it where to aim and just take the shot. Galaxy Camera and the cloud will take it from there.
*This feature will be available at a later date.

Smart Mode

The easiest way to shoot like a pro Stop being jealous of the pros with their big cameras, and start taking great shots. Like the perfect trails of light at night on a busy intersection full of red taillights. Or instantly capture a high-speed scene with Action Freeze. A quick tap of Smart Mode and you’re set with various special modes. Just choose the one you want and shoot perfection.

Allshare Play

Capture faraway moments in crisp reality Save the digital zoom for editing afterwards. Galaxy Camera’s 21x Super Long Zoom is 100 percent optical, helping you get as close as possible to your subject and while maintaining the same crystal clear image sharpness you experience with subjects nearer to the camera.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean™

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean™. Have more fun taking pictures. Take better pictures and have more fun with the Galaxy Camera and the power of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean™, the latest version of the Android OS. Jellybean lets you do more than just take heart stopping photographs. Access the world of Android apps to truly enjoy and personalise your images, and get even more great apps from the Photo Category on S Suggest. You can also store your photos instantly online, share on your social media more easily, stay connected with friends and family, browse the internet, sync your devices
…….shall we go on?

Voice Control

Don’t be shy. Talk to your camera The Galaxy Camera does more than take great pictures. It also listens very, very well. By tuning in closely to what you are saying, the Galaxy Camera is able to execute your command. So don’t be shy- tell it to zoom in or out, set the timer, and snap the photo when you’re ready. And when you’re in the gallery, tell it to rotate, delete, and even share your photos. Yes, it really is that smart.

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Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 packs multimedia, communication and top Internet functionality in one highly portable personal tablet device. Features include numerous multimedia-oriented Samsung hubs and applications and voice call, video group chat. Powered by latest Android OS and connected to various networks for seamless performance and great all-round usability.


Leadership A Samsung tablet with Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich, delivers enhanced performance for web and apps, upgraded UI, advanced features and functionality. It has unique face recognition and face unlock security software and embeds original Google services like Google Search, YouTube and Gmail.


Feel free to chat! Ch@tON is a free and easy way to keep in contact with friends and family. You can chat across all devices and platforms, no matter which devices your friends use. Use ChatON for one-to-one messaging, group chats – even photo and video sharing. And you can do it across all devices and platforms.


Samsung tabs are packed with the best of Google content, Google Play in addition to rich content developed exclusively for Samsung, including access to the total multimedia hubs offering complete entertainment for the whole family. From easy to use Readers, Game and Video Hubs, which offer countless options and applications for people of all ages. With more multimedia sharing at your fingertips through AllShare Play, (it connects all your devices such as your phone, PC or Laptop), families have never been better connected.


Play Don't miss a thing! Now you can connect your phone, computer or laptop to network multiple devices on the tablet and download and store content to play later and watch on your big 50˝ flat screen at home.


There's no limit to the amount of your storage capacity. The Tab 2 boasts a Micro SD card that allows expandable storage, reducing all restrictions on how much content you can store.

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The perfect creative tool at your fingertips The innovative S-Pen re-writes the rulebook. Now you can create and produce things like never before. Express your creative side and bring your ideas to life. You can draw, sketch, design or produce slick documents on a much larger crystal clear screen. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, the S-Pen feels like a pen on paper so you can be as precise as you like.


Multi-tasking made easy with split screen functionality Do more than ever before with two applications that open simultaneously. Move content effortlessly from one side of the screen to the other using the S-Pen as a pair of digital scissors.

Optimised Apps

S-Note and Wired Magazine app S-Note provides easy to use templates and unique features such as handwriting recognition and Shape Match, which automatically perfects your hand-drawn shapes and lines. S-Note is also integrated with knowledge search engines.

Ultimate Performance

Quad core processor for incredibly fast performance. Enjoy all your content and view all your documents on a large crystal clear 10.1” screen, allowing precise and easy input from the S-Pen or touchscreen.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Transform and share images and photos with this pre-installed app Transform images and photos taken using the 5 megapixel integrated camera with core Photoshop features with this pre-installed app optimised for S-Pen functionality.