Nikon 1
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Motion Snapshot mode keeps the story of a moment alive in a whole new way. The moment you touch the shutter button, it begins to record a slow motion movie and a still image. As soon as you've fully clicked, the camera instantly combines the two to create a 'living image': a moving image that will amaze you every time you see it. This is the perfect feature for capturing those fleeting moments in life, like your child blowing out their birthday candles.

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Smart Photo Selector always captures the best shot. How? It springs into action the moment your finger presses the shutter button and instantly records 20 full-res images. It then chooses the best five shots based on factors including facial expression, composition and focus - and then even recommends the best one to keep, so you'll never miss a smiling face, a peek-a-boo or end up with a blurred image.

Nothing beats the joy of shooting a movie on a camera that can deliver stunning HD footage. Nikon 1 cameras let you take full-resolution photos while filming - without interrupting recording - and you can film in extreme slow motion for dramatic effect. The fast autofocus system makes action scenes easy and the large image sensor ensures crystal clear footage, even in low light.

Explore the Nikon 1 models
  • Smart Photo Selector for the best photo every time
  • Motion Snapshot brings stills to life in just one click
  • World's fastest camera: super high-speed Autofocus system and high-resolution images at up to 60 frames per second.
  • Clear menus, an easy-to-reach mode dial and a built-in flash.
  • Available in a range of colours
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  • World's fastest camera: revolutionary super high-speed AF system and full-resolution images at up to 60 fps.
  • New shooting modes, such as Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector
  • Built in electronic viewfinder
  • Multi accessory port to expand your system
  • Strong, lightweight body with magnesium alloy re-enforced parts
  • Available in black or white
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