Mother’s Day 2018

Be there for Mum

Mother's Day 2018 arrives on Sunday 11 March

Mother's Day 2018

One of the big questions we ask is why Mother’s Day falls on a different Sunday in March every year and why it varies from other countries and cultures around the world. So for mums, daughters, grandmas and everyone else, here’s the answer.

Mother’s Day in the UK follows the Christian calendar. Therefore, it will always be the fourth Sunday within Lent and 3 weeks before Easter.

That means this year it’s pretty early, so we’re here to ensure you organise Mum’s present in very good time. Whether that’s a vase for the flowers you’re planning on ordering from us, a dressing gown for her to wear when serving breakfast in bed or a gift experience she’ll never forget, get the date right and get the gift right with Tesco direct.