Mother’s Day 2018

Mother's Day 2018

will be on Sunday 11th March

Mother’s Day celebrations around the world

Mothers are celebrated all over the world – and rightly so. Mother’s Day gifts of flowers and chocolates seem pretty universal, but some countries and cultures have slightly different ways of saying thanks to the women who love us the most.

Vive la mère!

The tradition of ‘Mothering Sunday’ has been around for centuries in the UK but in France, ‘la Fête des Mères’ – literally ‘the celebration of mothers’, was only made official and given a fixed date in 1950. The last Sunday in May is normally when they shower their mamans with flowers and chocolates.

The mother of all days

1950 was also the year when Thailand introduced Mother’s Day to the masses. Originally in April, it was later changed to 12 August to honour the birthday of their beloved Queen Mother, Queen Sirikit, who is considered to be the mother of all Thai people.

To celebrate, everyone lights candles and the country erupts with fireworks. As well as treating mums to a special Mother’s Day meal, flowers are also popular – with fragrant jasmine being the bloom of choice..

Iron ladies

Head over to Mexico and you may be surprised to hear that irons are one of the ‘hottest’ gifts for Mother’s Day – not sure that will catch on here! Celebrated on 10 May, it’s not unusual for mums to be taken for a 5-hour long Mother’s Day lunch, serenaded by colourful mariachi bands – definitely a ‘Día de las Madres’ to remember.