Lingerie Style

Freshen up your under-dressing with our lingerie style guide. Add a few more options to your drawer; from t-shirt bras and Brazilian briefs for every day, to push-up and balcony bras for enhanced shape.

No. 1 Balcony

Balcony bras give an uplifted effect with underwired support, ideal for square necklines

No. 2 Plunge

Plunge bras feature a lower cut to offer a more defined shape and cleavage, ideal for lower necklines

No. 3 Multiway

Multiway bras can be adapted to suit any outfit with a variety of detachable strap options

No. 4 Push-up

Push-up bras maximise your bust and help to enhance your silhouette with more uplifted shape

No. 5 Non-wired

Non-wired bras offer comfort and smoother wire-free support, ideal for fashion-led looks

No. 6 T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras are ideal for everyday wear and the most versatile option with smooth, moulded cups that create a natural shape under tight-fitting clothing

  • beautiful lace wings
  • super soft straps
  • velvet touch cups

No. 7 Underwired

Underwired bras offer a close fitting support for a natural shape with wiring at the cups

No. 8 Total support

Our total support bras offer full coverage with no underwiring for utmost comfort

Briefs Style guide

From flattering Brazilian briefs and revealing thongs to comfy full briefs, browse our briefs style guide to discover a selection of different fits.

No. 1 Brazilian briefs

Brazilian briefs sit low on the hips with
a slightly higher back leg for a flattering
cutaway look and modern shape

No. 2 The

Shorts have a low rise on the
waist with a straight cut on the legs to
give full bottom coverage

No. 3 The

Ideal for wearing under tight fitting
clothing, thongs feature a high leg line and
minimal bottom coverage for a no VPL look

No. 4 Full

With comfort in mind, full briefs
provide maximum coverage, with a high
waist and full bottom coverage

No. 5 Mini

Mini briefs offer good
bottom coverage and feature a low
rise fit with narrow sides

No. 6 High leg

High leg briefs have a higher leg
line and sit just below the waist with
narrow sides to create a flattering shape

Bra fitting

How to tell if your bra fits correctly?
Simply follow our six-step checklist


Create a beautifully co-ordinated
collection with these lingerie sets

Bra fitting guide

Does your bra fit correctly? Here's how to tell.

  1. The central gore of your bra sits flat against your body between the breasts.
  2. Your breasts are encased comfortably in each cup to give a smooth shape.
  3. Your breasts are enclosed at the underarm with no gaping or bulging.
  4. The cups and underwire follow the natural crease of the breast.
  5. The underband sits horizontally across your back when the bra is fastened by the middle hook and eye.
  6. The bra straps support your breasts lightly without digging in at the shoulders.

International Bra Size conversion

32 A 70A 32AA 10A
32B 70B 32A 10B
32C 70C 32B 10C
32D 70D 32C 10D
32DD 70DD 32D 10DD
32E 70E 32DD 10E
32F 70F 32E 10F
32G 70G 32F 10G
34A 75A 34AA 12A
34B 75B 34A 12B
34C 75C 34B 12C
34D 75D 34C 12D
34DD 75DD 34D 12DD
34E 75E 34DD 12E
34F 75F 34E 12F
34G 75G 34F 12G
36A 80A 36AA 14A
36B 80B 36A 14B
36C 80C 36B 14C
36D 80D 36C 14D
36DD 80DD 36D 14DD
36E 80E 36DD 14E
36F 80F 36E 14F
36G 80G 36F 14G
38A 85A 38AA 16A
38B 85B 38A 16B
38C 85C 38B 16C
38D 85D 38C 16D
38DD 85DD 38D 16DD
38E 85E 38DD 16E
38F 85F 38E 16F
38G 85G 38F 16G

F&F Bra Size Chart

Select your overbust and underbust measurement to find your bra size

Your bra size is
Overbust 32" 33" 34" 35" 36" 37" 38" 39" 40" 41" 42" 43" 44"
25½" 30A 30B 30C 30D
27½" 32AA 32A 32B 32C 32D 32DD 32E 32F 32G
29½" 34AA 34A 34B 34C 34D 34DD 34E 34F 34G
31½" 36AA 36A 36B 36C 36D 36DD 36E 36F 36G
33½" 38AA 38A 38B 38C 38D 38DD 38E 38F 38G
35½" 40AA 40A 40B 40C 40D 40DD 40E 40F 40G