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What is this kiosk for?

You can order products directly from this kiosk, just like you would when shopping online. Simply give us your Clubcard number and postcode and we’ll retrieve your account details, or you can use our guest checkout. Then select your items, choose your delivery method, enter any vouchers and pay. A receipt will be printed right at the kiosk for your reference.

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What is Clubcard Boost?

Products included in Clubcard Boost have a specific Boost logo displayed on the product image. If you have Clubcard vouchers in your Tesco direct account, then you can select and add the amount of vouchers you wish to use (minimum of £5) and these will automatically double up in value and be deducted from your total basket amount.

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How can I use my vouchers?

If you provided your Clubcard number and postcode (and we recognise that you have an account), you will find your Clubcard vouchers already loaded into the checkout. Simply click on ‘Add Clubcard vouchers’, select the vouchers you wish to use and click ‘add’. You can use your vouchers on all items sold by Tesco, but not on products from our partners.

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How can I pay?

You can pay right here at the kiosk using a credit, debit card or Clubcard vouchers. You can also pay with gift cards and eCoupons by clicking on ‘Add eCoupons’ or ‘Add gift cards’, then enter the unique number and clicking ‘add’. If you’re paying with cash, please visit the Tesco direct desk to place your order.

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Not happy with your purchase?

If you’ve changed your mind, that’s no problem. We’re happy to give a full refund on most products, as long as it’s within the cancellation period. If your item is damaged or faulty, our customer service team is on hand to resolve any issues. If your item was sold by one of our Tesco Partners, they’ll work with you directly to ensure you’re satisfied.

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Tesco Partners

We've carefully chosen all our Tesco Partners, to give you the widest choice of products when you shop with us. You’ll be able to browse a bigger range of specialist products, all in one place, and collect Clubcard points on every order. For more information on Tesco Partners visit our partner directory online.

If you need any more help, please visit our Click+Collect desk.