Clubcard Exchange FAQs

Make your vouchers go further with the Summer Clubcard Exchange

What is the Clubcard Exchange?

For more information on the Clubcard Exchange, please click here.

How can I tell which products on Tesco direct are included?

Products included in the Clubcard Exchange on Tesco direct have a Clubcard Exchange logo displayed on the product image.

A banner will also be displayed on the Product Details page, where an item is included.

Do Tesco direct Clubcard Exchange tokens work across all participating departments on Tesco direct?

Yes, if you Exchange your Clubcard vouchers online for a Tesco direct token to spend online at or at the direct desk in store these will work across all 7 departments included in the Clubcard Exchange on Tesco direct.

Are Seller Products included in the Clubcard Exchange?

Unfortunately products sold by Sellers at Tesco are not included in the Summer Clubcard Exchange

To identify a product sold by a seller, look out for the Sellers buy box on the product details page, or the seller name on the Product Listing page.

What is the minimum amount of Clubcard vouchers I need in order to take part in the Clubcard Exchange?

Every £5 worth of Clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for a £10 Exchange token.
There is no limit to the amount you can exchange.

Why can't I checkout? What happens if the product I want to purchase is less than the value of my Clubcard Exchange tokens?

The value of the items you wish to purchase with your Exchange tokens must be equal to or exceed the value of the Exchange tokens after any discounts have been applied.

For example if you try to use a £10 Clubcard Exchange token against a product valued at £9, you will be unable to checkout successfully and must increase your basket spend by a minimum of £1.

When does the Summer Clubcard Exchange end?

You must Exchange your Clubcard vouchers by midnight on 2nd July 2013, and spend your Exchange tokens at Tesco direct by midnight on 10th July 2013.