Blinkbox help page

  • What is blinkbox?

    blinkbox offers the latest blockbuster movies to watch online anytime on your PC, games console, tablet and TV. There's no subscription, no waiting, and no fuss. And with thousands of titles for you to explore, all you need is access to the internet and you're off and running. Now that we are part of Tesco, we are able to bring exciting offers and benefits to our customers. Visit blinkbox.

  • What is the blinkbox movie offer?

    When you buy selected DVDs or Blu-rays from Tesco you will also be able to watch the movie online at blinkbox at no extra cost. The online movie will be added to your blinkbox video library – a great way to start building your online collection of movies.

    This is an exciting offer that Tesco and blinkbox are pleased to offer to Tesco Clubcard customers who buy DVDs or Blu-rays from Tesco direct or Tesco stores.

    Titles included in the offer are clearly marked on the product pages on the Tesco direct website. Look out for the blinkbox icon.

  • How do i take advantage of the offer on the Tesco direct website?

    You need to use your Clubcard to take advantage of the offer.

    Simply add the DVD or Blu-ray to your online shopping basket, make sure you enter your Clubcard number when at the online checkout, and your movie will automatically be added to your blinkbox video library, within an hour of registering for a blinkbox account.

  • What will happen to my blinkbox account now that Tesco Entertainment has moved to Tesco direct?

    If you are a blinkbox customer all of your digital movies will stay in your blinkbox video locker, but you must make sure that you add the Clubcard number that is registered to your direct account to your registered blinkbox account. If you do not do this, any films that you purchase from Tesco direct that include the free online movie at blinkbox will not be sent to your blinkbox video locker. If your Clubcard number registered to your Tesco direct account and blinkbox account are already the same, then you do not need to do anything.

    Please note, you can add multiple Clubcards to your blinkbox account. Do not replace any Clubcard numbers already registered to your blinkbox account as this will remove any of your free movies included with previous film purchases from Tesco that were registered to the replaced Clubcard number.

  • When will the online movie appear in my video library?

    Providing that you have used your Clubcard and your DVD or Blu-ray is an eligible "out now" title, your online movie should appear in your blinkbox video library shortly after receiving your order confirmation email from Tesco direct.

    If you have pre-ordered a movie, we're afraid it will not be available in your blinkbox video library until the official release date. This date is shown on the blinkbox website for the respective movie title.

  • What if I don't have a Clubcard?

    If you don't have a Clubcard you will be given a Clubcard number when you register with Tesco direct. This can be found in your My Account section of Tesco direct. This can then be added to your blinkbox account allowing you to watch your online movie.

  • Do I need to have a blinkbox account?

    You will need to have a blinkbox account to watch the movie online, but you can set this up after you have bought your DVD or Blu-ray - just make sure you add the Clubcard number you used to buy your DVD or Blu-ray to your blinkbox account as well.

    If you already have a blinkbox account, then you will need to edit your blinkbox account details to add your Clubcard number.

  • If I buy more than one copy of the DVD or Blu-ray will I get multiple copies of the movie online?

    No. The online movie will only appear once in your blinkbox video library but you will be able to watch it as many times as you like.

  • What happens if I bought a DVD or Blu-ray in store?

    You will still be able to watch the movie online as long as you use the Clubcard that you have registered to your blinkbox account at the in store checkout.

  • Will I get charged if I watch the movie online?

    No, you won't be charged for watching the movie online unless you then return the DVD or Blu-ray (please see FAQs below).

  • If I rent or buy a movie from blinkbox and then buy the DVD or Blu-ray from Tesco will I get a discount?

    No, you will not receive a discount.

  • Where can I watch my movie online?

    You will be able to watch your movie online at blinkbox by logging into your account. Visit

    When you buy your DVD or Blu-ray on the Tesco direct website you will be presented with a number of links to blinkbox website in order to access your online movie. These are on the checkout order confirmation page, the order confirmation email and in your order history in your My Account section of the Tesco direct website. Please follow the prompts displayed to watch your movie online.

  • Can I watch it on my TV?

    The blinkbox online movie service is available through PCs, Mac, Xbox 360, SMART TVs and tablets.

  • How many times will I be able to watch the movie online?

    You will be given 'own' rights to the movie – this means that you will be able to watch it as many times as you like, subject to the returns policy below.

  • Having problems watching your movie online from blinkbox?

    The blinkbox website has a comprehensive help section which answers many common questions like the ones below, as well as provides support for more tricky problems that you may have with watching you movie online. Please visit

    If you are not able to find an answer to your question, please contact Tesco customer service or email support@blinkbox.comand we will endeavour to resolve your problem.

    Common questions answered on blinkbox help pages:

    • How do I register at blinkbox?
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  • If I return my DVD or Blu-ray, will I still be able to watch the movie online at blinkbox?

    No. If you return your DVD or Blu-ray the movie will also be removed from your blinkbox video library.

  • What happens if I return the DVD or Blu-ray or cancel my order but have already watched the movie at blinkbox?

    Tesco reserves the right to deduct a proportionate amount from your refund value and instruct blinkbox to remove the online movie from your blinkbox library.