Fun ideas to make Christmas Eve magical for kids

Surprise and entertain the children in the run-up to Christmas Day with these magical, money-saving ideas.

Create Santa’s footprints

Sprinkle a little flour or talc on the floor around the tree and use a boot or shoe to make footprints beside the fireplace.

Make a Santa sleigh from chocolate

Whip up a last-minute treat to wow the kids using all the chocolate you’ve received in the lead up to Christmas.

Just stack chocolate bars and sweets onto two candy canes, then place a chocolate Santa at the front to drive the sleigh. Tie together with ribbon and add a gift tag to make it unique.

Track Santa

Get the kids to log on and find Father Christmas with this clever tracker tool: Norad Santa. It’ll let them know what he’s up to throughout December and keep them out of your hair while you’re busy with last-minute Christmas Eve tasks.

Decorate the toys

Make Christmas magical for toddlers by sprucing up their cuddly toys and bears with hats, ribbons and bows.

Create Santa landing lights

Make sure he knows where to land by making a runway in your garden. Put outdoor fairy lights or battery-operated tea lights either side of your pathway to make the perfect landing strip for a flying sleigh.

Grow a candy cane

Get the kids to plant a red boiled sweet or Tic Tac in a pot, spray with fairy dust (glitter) and they’ll be amazed when they see it transformed into a festive candy cane by Christmas morning.

Make your own reindeer dust

Catch Rudolph’s attention from the skies by sprinkling some homemade reindeer dust made from glitter. He’ll swoop down to have a feast in the garden.

Receive a message from Father Christmas

Santa’s joined the YouTube generation and now sends video messages (for free) to kids and toddlers on his nice list. Just log on to Portable North and create a personalised video for your little ones.

Take a Christmas lights tour

Just before bed, take a walk or drive around the neighbourhood admiring the Christmas lights and decorations. A flask of hot chocolate and some cookies will make it extra special.

Make a grand entrance

Once the kids are in bed, cover the lounge door in scraps of wrapping paper so on Christmas morning they can rip through it to reveal presents under the tree. Not enough wrapping paper? Attach a ribbon to the door frame instead – they can cut their way through.

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