Make playtime fun for longer

Carousel toys are the beginning of adventures and stories. They spark children's imaginations by creating new and engaging ways to play, so they have fun for longer, time and time again

Fun comes first

We offer endless possibilities for playtime

Sparking imagination

Our toys are the beginning of adventures and stories

Worlds that grow

Create new worlds of play as your child gets bigger

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Start a band with our musical instruments, whip up a feast with our kitchens, build a dream train track… So many adventures are in store!


Welcome to Emmi's world, filled with interactive dolls and lots of little accessories. She can't wait to be part of your family!


Build your own bustling city filled with cars, trucks, remote control racers and more. Beep-beep, vroom-vroom!

Why choose Carousel?

Make playtime fun for longer Discover how we've created toys your children will come back to time and time again

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