Trunked Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting

Small TV

TV 32" or less, trunked - £89.97

Large TV

TV over 32", trunked - £129.97

Additional TV TV

Same size or less - £69.97

For the neatest possible finish – all cables are completely hidden.

What the installer will do:

Decide with you the best location for mounting the TV (see “important notes” below).

Carefully attach the bracket to the wall using fixings appropriate for your wall.

Attach up to 3m of high-quality trunking to the wall directly below the TV and insert the cables. An RF aerial cable is included in the price.

Attach the TV to the bracket and connect the TV to a maximum of three existing devices – these could be a DVD player, set–top box or satellite system, using existing cables or cables that have been purchased.

Tune the TV to appropriate sources and give you a demonstration of the key features of the TV.

Important notes:

Mounting TVs on a wall is a specialist activity. The construction and condition of the walls may restrict or prevent the installation. We do not recommend mounting TVs above active fireplaces. Longer or extension cables for connecting equipment (e.g. Scart or HDMI leads) are not included in the cost. You are recommended to purchase these in advance, although the installer will carry some stock with him for purchase on-site.

What’s not included:

The TV or wall bracket, any extension leads or cables, or specialist non-standard materials.

The installation point needs to be near a suitable power socket. We will not move any sockets (power/telephone/other), or change any cabling that was put in by someone else like Sky or BT.

Moving fittings, fixtures or heavy items of furniture.


Wall-mounting – general exclusions & caveats

We cannot move any existing wiring, such as electrical wires, BT or Sky wiring. The customer is responsible for providing any long or extension cables needed to connect to existing power points or sources. The installer can provide long or extension cables, cable couplers etc at competitive prices. The installers will aim to minimise the amount of dust generated, but covering or removing furniture, carpets etc is recommended!

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