Smoothie makers buying guide

Similar to a blender, a good smoothie maker is designed to really liquidise and pulverise the fruit, ice and any other ingredients for the smoothest finish. Like a liquidiser, the mixing jug has a narrow shape to direct the ice and fruit down towards the blades for more efficient mixing.

If you're looking for the opportunity to get at least one of your ‘five a day’ into a healthy breakfast or are keen on impressing your friends with a range of exotic cocktails, a smoothie maker is a must-have.

Essential features to look for:

  • Capacity

    This is typically around 1.5 litre for a smoothie maker jug. Stated capacities refer to ‘total’ utensil capacity, so working capacity will be marginally smaller. Usually, the capacity of the main jug will be quoted separately to any additional cups or containers.

  • Power

    Power typically measures around 300 - 500 watts for a smoothie maker; it may be regulated via two speeds and sometimes a pulse button, which is ideal for crushing ice and nuts.

  • Calibrated jug

    Measurements on the side of the mixing container will help you to accurately measure ice, liquid and fruit according to your favourite recipes.

  • Mixing stick

    A detachable rotating stirring stick can help to blend the ingredients to the perfect texture.

  • Taps and removable jugs

    Some models have a tap towards the bottom of the mixing jug from which to dispense the smoothie mixture. Unlike a regular blender, this feature enables you to serve the smoothie without having to remove the glass chamber and pour from its top. Alternatively, the jug may be designed to be lifted off and to act as a drinks dispenser.

  • Recipes

    A starter smoothie recipe booklet is often included with the product. More ideas are widely available on the Internet and in numerous cookery books.