How to guide - Shelves display


Turning your shelves into a centrepiece feature for your books and collections is easy with our how to guide

A well-arranged shelving unit can turn a cluttered storage area into a practical and picturesque display that not only livens up your literature, but also shows off some of your favourite home accessories. Learn how to make the most of your shelves with a few simple design tips and tricks

The Triangle Method

Triangles are known to visually appealing, and it's a little trick within the designer world to use as a base when styling. It's a great way to organise your shelving in a smart way to show off some of your favourite items.

If you look at the picture below you can draw an invisible line between three objects of interest - the two vases and the globe. You can do the same between the bookends and the photo frame, which creates an upside down triangle. The triangles don’t need to all be equilateral, you can have different angles and the sides can be different lengths to build up your display.


The Grouping Method

Creating an interesting display case doesn't mean sticking to books. Collections and unusual objects should also be included to create the perfect mix of items. It's the ideal opportunity for you to display items you love.

The collections are a chance to really show your personality and interests; group trophies or bundles of framed travel pictures to give an insight into the person they belong to. Show off old family heirlooms, your children's latest works of art and even your favourite vintage crockery.
Don't forget the books. Grouping them by colour and size can give extra visual appeal to your shelves. Arrange the shelves, take a step back, and then rearrange them until you're really happy with how everything looks.