PlayStation 4 Guide

Beautifully crafted inside and out, the PS4 is a new generation console that brings the PlayStation into a modern era. Ten times more powerful than the accomplished PS3 console, GTA V, Far Cry 4, Destiny, Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare and FIFA 15 are just a handful of online multiplayer games with new playable characters that you can get acquainted with via the PlayStation 4. With an online library of downloadable content, there is unlimited fun for every type of gamer. The Blu-ray and DVD disc drive also means you can watch movies on the same device.

Inside the box you will find a PS4 500 GB console, DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller, mono headset (used for interactive and social functions), power cable, HDMI cable and microUSB charging cable, which is necessary to charge and sync the controller. Read on to find out exactly what this innovative device has to offer and how to get set up, connect to the online gaming community and make the most out of your new console.

New Generation Console

The PS4 packages its new technology neatly into a slim, slanted black box which can be tucked away on a TV stand or put on display to suit your gaming setup.

Some of the world’s best developers helped to design the PlayStation 4 to be a literally breathtaking console that uses sensational graphics, intelligent personalisation, integrated social functions and unparalleled speed.

These features are powered by a super-fast operating system with a custom single-chip processor, enabling you to play in-depth experiences with lifelike visuals. With 8GB of advanced system memory and a 500GB hard disc drive, the PS4 is ready to start building your gaming collection when you are.

Smart and Social Features

You instantly become part of a global gaming community when turning on your new PS4. Create a user profile for the PlayStation Network or sign in if you already have an account. Information from Facebook can also be easily synced if you want it to be. Once set up you can find friends and fellow gamers, then message them, catch up on what games they have been playing and see how well they are doing.

PlayStation Plus Membership

Multiplayer mode is central to fully experiencing the PS4. Purchase a PlayStation Plus membership and you’ll be able to access online multiplayer, invite people to play against you in the game or let them drop into the game even if they don’t own a copy using Share Play.

You are also treated to two free games a month, from new, classic and indie releases. There are game exclusives and discounts to take advantage of too, and you can be the first one to try out demos and trials.

One membership account covers all PS consoles for you to access the latest PlayStation Plus content through, including the PS3 and PS Vita. Game saves can be backed up on cloud storage, so you can stop playing on your PS4 then pick things back up on your Vita if you’re on the move.

Fun in the PlayRoom

The PS4 comes already installed with PlayRoom, where you will meet the AR Bots that live inside your PS4 and DUALSHOCK 4. Pick up a PlayStation Camera and you'll be able to interact and play with these cute virtual robots. Play AR Hockey with a friend or download free content extras like Toy Maker, My Alien Buddy and Ninja Bots. It’s the perfect hangout if you find yourself needing a break from a challenging game.

Media Applications

There are plenty of great Entertainment Apps available for your console including BBC iPlayer, YouTube, TV from Sky (Sky Go) and Netflix. This means you can flick between games, to music, to social media in a few clicks of your DUALSHOCK 4 buttons.

The really impressive thing is that the PS4 learns your preferences and will bring up relevant content on the homepage. The interface is smooth and clearly laid-out, so you can easily browse your games, apps, films and TV series.

DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller

Sony met with developers to get their input on what they and you - the players - want from a video game controller. Cue the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller, with improved analogue sticks and trigger buttons, as well as a new multi-touch and clickable touch pad on the face of the DUALSHOCK 4.

Touchpad Control and Integrated Speaker

Click or swipe the new touch pad to fully utilise the controller during gameplay, or when using the keypad in social applications. The integrated speaker also enhances your gaming: hear "The Stig" Ben Collins on Project Cars, and listen to police radio chatter on GTA V. You can adjust the sound volume using the left or right buttons on the controller. The vibration functionality can also be turned off or on.

Using the SHARE button

Also new to the DUALSHOCK 4 is the SHARE button, a feature that has really caught the attention of game experts. Press the button when you want to record an impressive manoeuvre on screen, then press it again to bring the video to a stop. Clips can be up to 15 minutes long and saved using the square button or deleted by hitting the circle button. You can also upload screenshots or live stream your gameplay videos to Twitch, Facebook or YouTube.

Connecting your controller

When you first switch on your PS4, connect the controller using the USB cable and let it charge up for a while as it syncs. The blue LED light bar will show that you are still connected when detached from the cable.

Gamers with the optional PlayStation camera accessory can also take advantage of motion sensor technology that allows the light bar to sense who's holding the controller, as well as enabling users to navigate the PS4 with voice commands.

Remote Play and Accessories

Use your PS Vita or invest in PlayStation 4 accessories to get even more out of games.

Remote Play

Further enhance your PS4 experience by using the Remote Play feature. This connects your PS Vita (portable gaming device) making it the perfect accompaniment. The game you are playing streams onto your Vita screen so that others in your house can use the TV! A strong Wi-Fi connection is required for you to be able to carry on playing with the handheld device.

Cameras and Headsets

Doubling as an extremely precise movement sensor, the PlayStation Camera can detect players’ exact movements, allowing you to play games like Just Dance 2015 using your body and gestures. Navigate the menu using voice commands and set up auto sign in using facial recognition. You can even stream your gameplay to an online audience.

Sound has a huge impact in gaming and you can surround yourself in crystal clear audio with the Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0. Whether you’re listening to explosions, pivotal dialogue or atmospheric background music, it will help you feel totally immersed in the game.