Muscle definition guide

For a lean, muscle definition, please see below your step-by-step guide to success:

Steps to success

  • Workout regularly

    To sculpt a lean and defined physique, it's essential to combine regular workouts (both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise) with a balanced, protein-rich nutrition plan. High intensity workouts will help you to increase your metabolism, helping to burn fat and enhance your body's muscle definition. Effective resistance training to sculpt your physique can range from weights workouts at home or in the gym, to bodyweight circuits and resistance bands.

  • Eat five or six meals/snacks a day

    Grazing rather than gorging boosts your metabolic rate, reduces hunger by stabilising blood sugar levels, and keeps your energy levels high. The easiest way to do this is to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner as normal and then use a meal replacement protein shake/bar as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. This is an important strategy for developing the lean and defined cover model look.

  • Eat protein every 2-3 hours

    You'll enhance muscle definition and lose fat faster when you eat protein every few hours, and if your goal is to build lean muscle while maintaining or developing definition and tone, extra protein is a must. You can use a good quality protein shake at any time of the day to raise the protein content of your diet and support muscle repair and definition goals. Try having it as a shake at breakfast, adding it to your cereal, or mixing it with yoghurt for a quick and easy protein-rich bedtime snack to help combat muscle breakdown at night. Always try and consume one shake/bar immediately post-training to kick-start muscle repair.

  • Use a fat-burner to speed up definition results

    It's frustrating to go to the gym regularly, eat the right food and see little or nothing in the way of results. Fat-burners with weight loss nutrients will help you get better results faster from your diet and workout routine, when used regularly.

  • Use creatine for extra muscle size and strength

    Creatine is one of the most popular sports nutrition products available for anyone who wants more muscle definition and lean growth. Studies show that using creatine in combination with a weight training programme could help you gain muscle size and strength faster. How does creatine work? Creatine delivers energy to your muscles so you can train more intensely and increase your strength so you can do more reps with the same weight which is what you need to do to grow your muscles. What's more, creatine offers fast results for most users.

  • Add healthy physique fats

    As well as being vital to your health, Omega-3 fats play a vital role in supporting your muscle-building and fat-burning goals. If you want to increase your intake of these essential fats, eat more deep coloured cold-water fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines. If you're not a regular fish-eater, select a high quality supplement that provides all the Omega-3 you need in a few convenient capsules.