Guide to finding the right men's shaver for you

A key tool in any man's grooming arsenal, electric shavers combine convenience with great results. If you don't have the time or inclination to have a wet shave, electric razors are for you. Whether you are on the go, want to take advantage of designer stubble, or just neaten up your beard, Tesco will help find the right shaver for you.

Different types of shaver

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to electric shavers. There's a multitude of different models from lots of manufacturers like Philips, Braun, Remington, Wahl, or Panasonic. Many have additional useful features to cater for your needs.

Foil shavers

If you are in a rush, or have sensitive skin, foil shavers offer one of the closest shaves you can achieve without a wet razor. Perfect for stubble, these shavers are easy to clean and are ideal for use every day.

Foil shavers feature lots of sharp razors housed under a foil layer that contains numerous holes, allowing the hairs to pass through. This process delivers excellent results and allows a great deal of precision.

Foil shavers are less suited to infrequent use and longer hair. They are the best choice for people who want a regular or close shave, but are of limited use if you have a beard. While they are easy to clean, they also always need to be cleaned after use to keep them working at full capacity.

Rotary shavers

With their triple-headed design, rotary shavers are what many people picture when they think about electric shavers. Their unique design lets you shave against the grain of your facial hair. This makes them perfect for people whose hair grows out in different directions.

As they are used with a circular motion, they make shaving harder to reach areas like your chin and neck all the more easy. This is because they are are designed with the contours of your face in mind. Due to this design you need to apply less pressure to your skin reducing the chance of irritation.

Rotary shavers are also better suited to thicker hair, so are a good choice if you don't shave regularly and don't need the closest possible shave.

Stubble and beard trimmers

For those who boast more substantial facial hair, foil and rotary shavers have limited use. To keep your stubble at the right length or your beard neat, you'll need a beard trimmer. These are available in a range of models and give you the precision you need to have the facial hair you want.

Shaver features

There is a wealth of different features available for men's shavers. Each model has different strengths and weaknesses and this often comes down to the features they have.

Wet and dry use

While one of the main advantages of electric shavers is that they work when dry, there are still a variety of models that work great when wet. This means that you can shave in the bath, or when you're just out of the shower. It saves you having to wait until you dry off your body. The waterproof protection on these shavers means you can even use your favourite shaving cream/gel when you opt for a wet-use electric shaver.

Cleaning systems/self cleaning

For added convenience many electric shavers come with a self-cleaning system. This usually works after you place the razor into a designated stand. The head of the shaver is cleaned in an alcohol solution to prevent it becoming clogged up with hair. These stands also double as chargers.

Rechargeable shavers

The vast majority of electric razors are rechargeable. This means you don't have to replace batteries or worry about having wires in the bathroom. It also means that they can be used on the go if you're in a hurry in the morning. Many makes and models are cordless as they have charging stations instead, meaning your shaver is always where you left it.

Interchangeable attachments

Buying an electric razor with interchangeable attachments boosts its functionality as one minute it could be a foil headed shaver, the next a nose hair trimmer.

These multi-purpose, or all-in-one shavers, save you having to buy different shavers for different jobs. However you may find that a dedicated shaver or trimmer produces better results. Thus it may be advisable if you are intending on using it for that purpose every day. That being said a shaver with interchangeable heads gives you extra flexibility so makes for an excellent back up shaver to the the one you use every day.

Electric shaver accessories

Electric razors and beard trimmers often come with a range of accessories. These can range from simple beard combs to keep you looking neat, to charge displays letting you know how much juice they have left. Portable hair removal shavers often come with their own carry case for extra convenience.