Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Lawn Mower Type

Finding your ideal Lawn mower depends on the size of your lawn, type of finish, convenience, power source, and of course your budget. Tesco stocks a range of lawnmowers from Tesco, MTD, Flymo, Black & Decker and Bosch

Rotary mowers have horizontally rotating blades that achieve a less fine finish. These mowers are better for coping with larger family lawns with rough grassy patches, weeds, moss and difficult sloping banks.

They come with adjustable cutting height, removable grass clippings box, and built-in roller for a striped effect. Rotary mowers come in electric or petrol-driven models, and are either manual push or self-propelled mowers; self-propelled is worth considering if you have difficulty pushing a mower or have a large area to cover.

Hover mowers have rotating blades that float over the surface, keeping your lawn neat and tidy. They are ideal for speedily mowing small and medium-sized gardens, any uneven surfaces and banks, although they don't achieve such as high-quality cut as other types of mower. They are lightweight enough to be carried or hung in your shed, inexpensive, and very easy to handle even between flowerbeds.

Larger hover mowers will cope better with bigger lawns, some have rear wheels for easy positioning, some with an integrated grass collection box that compacts grass. All hover mowers are electrical.

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Petrol or Electric Lawn Mower

Electric mowers:

Great for small to medium sized lawns lightweight, manoeuvrable, and easy to handle require a power source close-by will have an electric cable trailing behind cleaner and easier to maintain than petrol ideal if you don't have a lot of time should not be used in wet conditions look for a model with integral cable and plug tidy go for one with a safety lock-off switch

Petrol mowers:

More powerful for quickly mowing larger areas and longer grass no close power source or trailing cables to worry about will not overheat when mowing large expanses of grass small petrol mowers are light and easy to handle bigger models have wider cutting blades and bigger collection boxes come in self-propelled models that can be adjusted to your walking speed generally petrol mowers show a better performance though are more expensive will cope with damp grass in wet weather require more upkeep, and petrol which needs to be stored safely available with electronic key ignition for the elderly or infirm rather than a recoil starter mechanism.

Please note that for safety reasons, petrol Lawn mower should not be transported when full of petrol.

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Lawn Mower care and considerations

If you want to collect grass clippings, the bigger the grass collection box the fewer times you will need to empty it. A wider mower will get the job done quicker a perspex viewing panel in the mower's collection box will let you see when it needs emptying for a striped-effect lawn, choose a mower with a rear roller that flattens mown grass in one direction.