Large kitchen appliances buying guide

Kitchen appliances, also known as white goods, tend to encompass all the larger appliances in your kitchen, from fridges & freezers, washing machines and cookers, down to dishwashers, tumble dryers and microwaves. Buying one of these major appliances is a big decision, usually costing over a hundred pounds.

It will take up a good amount of space in your home, be with you for years and potentially use a good amount of energy and possibly water.

For all of these reasons it's well worth taking time to select the right appliance for you and your kitchen. Beyond the basics of size and style, we suggest you consider these five essentials that effect most appliances.

Essential considerations

  1. Inegrated or not?

    If you have an existing integrated appliance you will probably want to replace it with an integrated model. Make sure you see our range of built-in appliances. Depending on your kitchen, it may also be possible convert your space so you can replace an existing stand-alone appliance with a new integrated one.

  2. Energy efficiency

    All appliances have a letter rating from 'G' to 'A' to indicate how energy efficient they are, with 'A' being the best. Some models are now so efficient that 'A+' and 'A++' ratings have had to be introduced.

  3. Water usage

    For appliances that use water, such as washing machines and dishwashers, it's advisable to check the volume of water used for various washes. Some models will offer an ‘eco’ mode that uses or recycles water, so they use less than other models.

  4. Noise levels

    Any machine with moving parts, be it a pump or spinning drum, will make an amount of noise. Some models will quote a decibel level and the lower this is, the more quietly it will run. Look out for our recommended levels.

  5. Installation options

    Tesco can perform all manner of professional large appliance installations. We can deliver, connect and install your new appliance, and disconnect and remove the old one in an environmentally friendly way with one simple set of services.