Kitchen gadgets

Kit out your kitchen with the right gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable at the same time. Everyone likes a shortcut, and that's what most kitchen gadgets offer. Whether it is a burger press, a vegetable slicer, a potato ricer, or even a banana slicer these utensils offer a myriad of helpful ways to make preparing food for friends and family a simple task.

As there are always new gadgets available on the market, Tesco have compiled some of the best and most practical. So take a look at our guide to kitchen gadgets, and you'll be unsure how you managed to live so long without them!

Corn zipper

Even if half the fun of corn on the cob is nibbling away, a corn zipper is ideal for easily trimming the corn kernels for salads and sandwiches, and provides a simple way to enjoy a fresh alternative to canned sweetcorn. The corn zipper from Tesco also rotates to expose a small brush that helps make sure you get every last kernel, cutting down on waste.

Silicone collapsible colander

Colanders are extremely useful for draining all manner of food, from pasta to potatoes. But due to their size they can often be quite cumbersome and take up a lot of valuable cupboard space. Having a collapsible colander provides you with all of your draining and rinsing needs, while easily folding down to fit snugly in to your storage space.

Wood spaghetti measure

Trying to judge spaghetti portions can be frustrating task. It is all too easy to end up cooking far too much. Fortunately having a wooden spaghetti measure means you can accurately get the exact amount you need for portions to feed one, two, or three people. This compact and simple measuring device easy fits away in the kitchen drawer.

Pestle and mortar

A necessary utensil for the kitchen of any cooking enthusiast, a pestle and mortar can grind your favourite herbs and spices to create fine and delicious seasonings. A pestle and mortar lets you take full control of the spices and herbs you use and is the best way to release the freshest flavours they have to offer.

Burger press

Don't worry about having to pat your burgers by hand, a burger press offers an easy and clean alternative. A fantastic tool for creating perfectly formed uniformly shaped homemade burgers, a burger press is also ideal for shaping fishcakes and other delicious homemade meals.

Mandoline slicer

A great addition to any kitchen - a mandolin slicer lets you make deliciously delicate slices of all manner of vegetables. From onion julienne, to crinkle cut chips, this versatile utensil is a boon for any amateur chef. It also allows for a uniform thickness of whatever it is you are slicing, which is extremely useful if you are deep frying and need each individual slice evenly cooked. Once you get a mandolin slicer, you'll never understand how you lived without one for so long.

Potato ricer

Looking like an oversized garlic press, potato ricers are an effective way of making an even mashed potato. They can also be used for a variety of smooth purees using all manner of different vegetables. Ricers also offer an easy way to make pureed baby food too.

Onion Googles

Forget about chopping with a spoon in your mouth, onion goggles will ensure no more tears when you're chopping up onions for dinner. With soft padding and an adjustable strap, this invention is comfortable and practical. Just remember to take it off before you leave the house!

Spoon thermometer

Designed for precision cooking, this a digital spoon thermometer is the perfect tool for continually measuring the temperature of your recipes. The removable probe measures 5 inches and can be easily removed from the spoon for extra versatility. A spoon thermometer is an unbeatable tool for taking full control of your cooking.

Vegetable slicer

The Courgetti Vegetable Slicer provides quick, easy and decorative slicing. The tool works like a pencil sharpener and provides a thin and even result. It lets you make delicious and fresh ribbons from vegetables like carrots or courgettes. It also comes with a finger guard for your peace of mind while you're slicing away.

Garlic chopper

A garlic chopper is a simple way to cuts lots of garlic, and is extremely easy to clean. These are especially designed to cut through a high volume of garlic, so you're cooking certainly won't be short of flavour.

Banana slicer

Whether for a banoffee pie or a simple fruit salad a banana slicer lets you make perfectly even banana slices in seconds. Take advantage of one of these for easy banana slices with your morning cereal.

Strawberry huller

Quickly and easily hull and remove the stems from strawberries. Thanks to the push button mechanism, a strawberry huller is a cinch to use and gives perfect results every time. Order a Chef'n StemGem Strawberry Huller and Stem Remover from Tesco, and enjoy some perfectly prepared strawberries this summer.

Nut chopper

Similar to the garlic chopper, nut choppers simply roll over the nuts and the stainless steel blade will evenly cut up the nuts. Ideal for preparing nuts for both sweet and savoury dishes, these choppers are easy to clean and even easier to use.

There's no reason to let any kitchen jobs take longer than they have to. Take a look at all the range of different kitchen gadgets and utensils from Tesco, and make life in the kitchen that little bit easier.