iPod buying guide

Apple revolutionised the audio world with the introduction of the original iPod. It brought new levels of style and sheer ease-of-use to the digital world, and its continuing innovation and design class has kept the iPod as the must-have audio player.

Which iPod are you?

There are four distinct iPod models, all designed for different people and different uses in mind:

  • iPod shuffle: This is the smallest and lightest iPod weighing less than 11 grams. Available in capacities up to 4GB the iPod shuffle can hold up to 1,000 songs and has a 10-hour battery life, so is ideal for taking on the move or down the gym. It's also the world's first music player to talk, speaking the name of playing tracks and artists.

  • iPod nano: Great for people that want it all. The iPod nano is slim, light, has a display capable of video playback, and with up to 16GB of storage it can hold as many as 4,000 songs. Plus, with 24-hours battery life and a digital camera with mic to take video footage, this is a versatile player.

  • iPod classic: For the demanding media-lover that wants to take everything everywhere. The classic has a 2.5-inch screen and huge 160GB capacity that enables you to carry up to 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video. It also has a fantastic 36-hour battery life.

  • iPod touch: Love music, love video, love apps, love gaming and love the web - the iPod touch is a portable computer that can do it all. With up to 64GB of storage it's able to store up to 14,000 songs or 80 hours of video. But with Wi-Fi access you can also download apps, games, browse the web, use Google Maps and so much more.