How to care for your flowers

We all love the feeling a freshly cut bouquet instantly brings to our home or office, so here are a few things you can do to keep your blooms lasting longer.

A cut above

By cutting 2cm off the ends, your flowers will drink up water easier. Also by removing any leaves that sit below the water line, your water will stay cleaner and help the flowers last longer.

It’s best to keep tulip stems wrapped when you trim them, then place in cold water for an hour before removing the wrap and arranging – this ensures the stems don’t go floppy. Tulips don’t need flower food.

Take care when handling roses with thorns, and please be aware that some flowers and foliage can irritate your skin.

Fed and watered

Your flowers come with a vase, so fill it with clean cold water and delicately pop in the flowers to avoid any bruising. We’ll also provide special flower food, which keeps the water clean for longer and helps the flowers open further. Each bouquet has two sachets, one for when you first fill your vase and another for when you top-up with water a few days later.

Some flowers are sent to you while still in bud to ensure you get the longest flower life possible. They will quickly open when placed in water.

Keep cool and calm

Flowers are best kept in a cool area, so the blooms open more slowly and last longer. Try to keep your flowers away from radiators, direct sunlight (particularly in summer) and other heat sources. If it’s winter, avoid draughty windowsills.

Make them last

If after a few days, you notice that the water becomes cloudy but the flowers still appear fresh, replace the water and add the second sachet of flower food to prolong the bouquet’s life.

Floral notes

  • Once your flowers have wilted, you can dispose of them with your household green waste or compost heap.
  • It’s a good idea to wash your vase after each use, so it’s ready for more fresh flowers. The vase we provide is dishwasher safe.
  • Lilies can be harmful to your cats if eaten, so be mindful of where you place your flowers.
  • It’s important to protect all surfaces when preparing and displaying flowers, to avoid any staining or scratching.
  • Pollen-dyed and painted flowers can stain so watch out for your furniture and curtains.
  • Some flowers are sensitive to fruit, such as bananas, and can drop their petals early, so it’s best to avoid displaying them near your fruit bowl.