Get set for your Holidays with our Holiday shop buying guide

Make sure you have everything you need to get the most out of your holiday this year. To help you have fun, relax and take full advantage of a stress-free break, Tesco have a range of holiday supplies available.

Your essential family holiday checklist

Save time, money and stress by doing these essential things before you go away.

  • Vaccinations
    Up to date with your jabs? Tell your GP where you’re going and find out if you need any boosters. Head over to for more information.
  • Currency
    You’ll pay a hefty premium for currency at the airport, so sort it out elsewhere. Shop around for the best deal, and don’t be shy to haggle as you can often get a better rate. For more useful currency advice, head over to
  • Insurance
    Sort out travel insurance as soon as you can so that you don’t lose out if the trip gets cancelled or postponed. Find extra info on insurance at
  • EHIC card
    If you’re travelling to Europe, an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) means you’ll get emergency healthcare for free or at a reduced rate. Find out more at
  • Visas
    Make sure you have valid visas for the country you’re visiting. Find out whether you have to arrange before you enter the country or if you pay and collect in the country you're visiting at passport control.
  • Passports
    It’s the obvious ones that people forget! Check the expiry date on your passports – if it’s before or during the trip, it’ll need renewing. For everything you need to know about passports, visit
  • Transport and car hire
    Make sure you can do everything you’ve got planned for the holiday by booking transport in advance. Booking car hires and coach or train journeys in advance means you’ll bag the best deal, and researching your routes and timings will ensure that days out don’t turn into days sat in traffic.
  • Hold luggage
    Weigh bags before you fly. Getting caught out with a bag that exceeds the airline’s allowance can be costly, even if it’s only slightly overweight. Padlocks and luggage straps are also more pricey at the airport, so buy them in advance.
  • Hand luggage
    Double check the dimensions of your chosen airline’s hand luggage allowance – they won’t allow it on the plane if it doesn’t fit! Also remember to transfer any liquids (including creams, pastes and gels) into 100ml containers, and leave sharp items out of your hand luggage.
  • Travelling with kids?
    If the kids are coming on holiday too, check that your accommodation is child friendly and whether you’ll need to bring anything extra. Find out whether the water at your destination is suitable for little ones, and always carry a few snacks for rumbly tummies.
  • Holiday packing checklist
    Now all that’s left to do is the packing! We’ve got a handy what-to-pack checklist for that as well: Download your free holiday checklist

Holiday products from Tesco

Don’t get caught short with packing space by choosing some new luggage. We have lots of different types of luggage available, so you don’t have to sacrifice any holiday essentials for your trip. Browse the full range today, from hand luggage for long weekends to large suitcases for a longer break. Our selection of bags covers lots of different brands, so you never have to swap style for space either. We also have all the travel accessories required to ensure your holiday goes smoothly. From luggage scales and suitcase padlocks to luggage tags, you’ll find it all here. Long-haul jetsetters can even pick up a travel pillow for a comfier flight. Once you’ve got your luggage and accessories sorted, it’s time to get your holiday clothes. Look the part and stay cool in the sun with our footwear, beachwear, and kids’ holiday clothes. The whole family will soon be kitted out for your getaway. Take a look at everything that’s on offer from Tesco’s holiday shop today, and enjoy your trip!