Garden water feature buying guide

Transform your garden with a brand new water feature. Turn any plain green outdoor space into a living, breathing slice of the countryside with a new garden pond or garden fountain. Not only do water features add extra style and charm to your property, they can also introduce a whole new ecosystem to your backyard, which provides a great way to teach your kids about wildlife.

Maintaining a water feature may be easier than you think, and the day-to-day maintenance needn't be a hassle. Tesco have put together this guide to help you make the right decisions about which water feature is the best fit your home, and what features to look out for to ensure you make the right choice.

From garden pond ideas, to garden fountains, solar powered water features, to pond lights, we'll make sure you find the right items for your garden.

Garden water features

There is lots of choice when it comes to the type of water feature you can select. By adding movement and noise to your garden, a water feature makes your outdoor space come alive. This of course comes with pitfalls, and while a complex water fountain may look the part, it can overwhelm your garden with noise and require constant maintenance.

It might be the case that a small pond adds all the vitality to your garden that you need. However, you should think about the size of your garden and where the water feature will go before coming to a final decision.

Starting small allows you to get used to the maintenance and look of a garden water feature, while still being able to upgrade to a larger pond or fancy multi-jet cascading fountain further down the line should you wish to. Small fountains, for example, can add extra sparkle to a garden and are often very easy to install, as they require no excavating and little upkeep.

Choosing a water feature for your garden

If you want to create a peaceful sanctuary in your garden, add the soothing sounds of running water alongside your colourful flowerbeds. Make your garden into a tranquil outdoor haven where you can sit and view the pond or fountain from a bench or patio chair. They are constructed from a variety of materials including contemporary steel and stone, and each has a different design.

Garden fountains

Fountains can range from very small indoor water features for the household to extravagant outdoor ones. Simply put, a fountain is something that releases a stream of water into the air, but that doesn't mean there is not a great deal of variety.

One popular choice is to have a fountain in the middle of a pond. These standard floating fountains offer a pleasant focal point to any body of water, and they can also be placed at the edges. Fountains range from small single stream models, to more complicated versions that can even include light displays that will help brighten up your garden for evening parties and summer BBQs.

Garden waterfalls

Waterfalls, or cascade water features, are similar to fountains, but they tend to work by having the water trickle or pour down a series of shelves instead of being jetted into the air. Ready-made cascading features are available and can be used indoors or added to a larger water feature. As with fountains they range in scale from small table top models to larger full-scale water features.

Garden ponds

Garden ponds are designed in all manner of shapes and sizes, from circular to irregular, or even to straight. Ponds are often the first thing we think of when we think about garden water features. While they do require excavation, there are plenty of preformed plastic ponds that make the process of adding one to your garden all the easier. These act as a firm and watertight basin that can be placed in an appropriately shaped hole in the ground.

Pond water pumps

A crucial feature of any pond, especially if it contains fish, is a water pump. Water pumps come in all shapes and sizes and act as a replacement to the normal water current. Increasingly water pumps are available in solar powered models that negate the need for wires and a power supply. If you are thinking about investing in a solar powered pump, it is best to consider the location of the pump, and whether it will receive enough sunlight.

Pond filters

If you are keeping fish in your pond you will need a pond filtration system. A good tip is to look for those labelled 'bio' filter or pump. These filters contain a layer of bacteria, which help break down the debris and waste. They also syphon off solids as the stagnant water is pumped through the system. It's possible to create a natural filter cycle with plenty of water dwelling plants. This process creates a natural ecosystem that allows the plants to process the waste themselves and stop algae thriving - this can take over a year to establish however.

As with any part of your home, you can make your garden water feature your own. By choosing the right fountain, pond, or waterfall for your garden, you can put a unique stamp on your property. By adding any decorative items you like such as solar garden lights, or even floating crocodile heads, you can turn your new aquatic hotspot into a garden treasure for the whole family. Gardens around the UK will be adorned with accessories this summer.