Garden storage to make the most of your space

Garden storage provides the perfect home organisation solution to make the most of the valuable space you have. It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious lawn, a compact deck or an awkwardly-shaped terrace; there are clever storage ideas out there that will suit your outdoor area.

Adding some outdoor storage allows you to free up more room in the house while maintaining a tidy garden, free from loose roller skates or upturned rakes! There are a variety of storage designs available , ranging from the smallest backyard sheds through to larger units that can be used as an extension to the house as well as storage sheds which make an ideal place to park bikes, stow trowels and plant pots or tidy away sports equipment. Or you can simply keep garden hand tools in a handy deck box or tidy and access them whenever you need to.

So which is the best solution for you? We’ll take you through the full range of garden storage options so you can start maximising your outdoor space straight away.

Garden storage needs

First, consider what you need to store in your garden and what space could be used for garden storage. Look for a section of the garden that is flat and is not likely to accumulate rainwater during bad weather. Measure the area available and then look for a suitable container or unit that has the right dimensions.

Check the product details and opt for durable and long-lasting materials that will keep your possessions secure, as well as watertight and protected from the weather. Plastic and metal garden storage products are the most functional, while wooden garden storage might be more complementary to your garden décor – in this case, treat wood with a waterproof coating to make it effective against the elements. If you are storing items outdoors that may be needed in the house, look for a spot near your front or back door for convenience.

Think about what you are likely to be storing in your garden, as requirements such as security may determine whether you need a lockable container or just a walk-in shed. Different types of sports equipment and garden furniture may require different storage ideas so a number of smaller accessories may suit instead of one larger solution.

Garden buildings

A good general garden storage option is a utility or tool shed , and you can find smaller versions which can even be placed on a terrace or patio if you’re limited on space. This type of home storage usually comes with internal shelving which allows you to store equipment safely and out of reach from the kids.

Tool sheds can also accommodate small machinery, work tables and tool racks, meaning you can create a functional workspace for DIY or practical hobbies. Larger storage areas can be connected to an electricity supply and used as a laundry room or to accommodate a freezer unit for storing food.

If you have a passion for gardening, you’ll find many products have helpful features to accommodate this. Specially designed units come with divided sections for storing lawn mowers, hooks for garden hand tools and space for deck furniture that needs to be protected from the elements. These shelters are particularly useful during the winter months.

Wooden bin stores provide attractive storage for wheelie bins whilst giving you easy access to them. Wood panel sheds for secure motorcycle storage offer an alternative if you don’t have a garage at home.

Log stores

If you have an outdoor or indoor fireplace, a garden log store is a great accessory for tidy storage, as well as helping to dry out and season your logs so you have the best wood for your fire.

These wooden storage containers are made with treated timbers to make sure the product lasts. Larger models are around 133cm height x 161cm width and 80cm depth, while you can squeeze in a taller, thinner version at around 15cm height x 120cm width and 58cm depth. All have exterior roofs for protection from the rain and vents to ensure maximum airflow.

Storage boxes

Rectangular storage boxes come in a variety of different sizes, and can be used as a garden seat, as well as providing a secure place for household storage. Made of strengthened plastic or pressed steel, look out for those with an integrated ventilation system, which are fully weather-resistant and are best for long-term storage - many best sellers come with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Specially designed tubs can also be purchased to assist with organising items in a garage or shed so you can ensure equipment is accessible. Look for tubs that can be stacked together to maximise the storage space available.

Storage accessories for your garden

Expand your storage options by including extra accessories. Utility sheds can be kitted out with free-standing shelving units to allow for maximum storage. Corner units fit neatly into smaller spaces, while wheeled shelving gives you more flexibility for transporting garden equipment. Into DIY? Shelves can also be purchased to attach to the walls of sheds or to the exterior walls of your home.

If you’re looking for hidden storage solutions, try multi-functional wooden storage benches - just lift up the lid to slot in garden tools. Similarly, seed storage boxes and garden tidy bags can be purchased for use while gardening and serious green-fingers will get more from a hardwood potting bench, which can be used as a work station as well as utilising shelving and hanging pegs.

Encourage your children to spend more time in the garden by adding a deck box of outdoor toys to keep them amused. This can be stored in a separate area from tools and equipment as a centrepiece for a kids’ play area

You can even be prepared for sunny weather by storing BBQ equipment under covers or in a garden storage space. The key is to have everything close to hand but under control, leaving you to make the most of your garden.