freesat guide

Freesat Buying Guide

freesat is a subscription-free satellite TV service offering digital television across the UK. The service offers 150+ TV, radio and interactive channels, On Demand TV and HD channels. All subscription is free.

To enjoy freesat you'll need a freesat digital box and an HD Ready TV, and connecting to freesat is easy with Tesco. If you don't already have a satellite dish, we can arrange installation for you.

freesat is delivered via satellite so it is available wherever you live in the UK, perfect if you have patchy TV reception. What's more, freesat isn't affected by the digital switchover, so there's no need to worry about losing channels or retuning.

freesat SD - standard definition

freesat SD digital boxes give you access to 150+ TV and radio channels, interactive TV, 8-day TV guide and digital text totally subscription free.

freesat HD - high definition

freesat HD digital boxes and TVs give you access to all the features of freesat SD plus subscription-free HD programmes, 5.1 surround sound and access to On Demand services like ITV Player and BBC iPlayer.

freesat+ HD digital TV recorder

freesat+ HD digital TV recorders give you access to all the features of freesat HD, but also the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV at the touch of a button. You can even record two channels at the same time or record one channel and watch TV on another simultaneously if your box has a dual tuner.

  • A Blu-ray player: a special player that can play Blu-ray discs. You will also be able to play any standard DVD.
  • A HDTV: this will be used as the output for your player. A Full HD 1080p TV is recommended, as this will bring out the best in Blu-ray. A full home cinema system is not a bad idea if you want to take advantage of features like surround sound.
  • A HDMI cable: the newest cable technology allows an improved quality of image and sound transfer from your high definition boxes to your high definition TV, improving your viewing experience. To ensure you benefit from HD content make sure that you include a cable in your purchase of any HD product.
  • Blu-ray disc: so now all you need are some films to watch. Tesco has a growing collection of Blu-ray titles, available either to buy or rent. For details visit for our entertainment site.