How to arrange a feature wall of frames

Get inspired

How to put up and position photo frames

A wall of creatively arranged frames can make a room. So why do so few of us take the time to do it? Whether it's lack of inspiration or simply not knowing where to start, this how-to guide will show you ways to transform your room - it's easier and quicker to do than you think.

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What you will need


Layout the composition of your frames on the floor in front of the wall you plan to place them on. Use the width of furniture that they will sit above as a guide to the space you need to work with to create your arrangement.


Make a paper template

Once you have decided upon your composition, make paper templates for each frame. Mark a cross on the template where the nail or hooks should go when you hang your frame.


Put your templates on the wall

Stick the paper templates on the wall using Blu-tack. Step back every so often to look at the arrangement as a whole and adjust as necessary.


Display your frames

Hammer your nail, or picture hook, straight through the mark on your template, then tear away the paper. Mount your frames.


Stair arrangement

Once you've got to grips with putting up frames, try this stairway arrangement out.