Electric screwdrivers buying guide

An electric screwdriver is an essential tool in any toolbox and a must to help speed up every day jobs. Tighten and loosen all screw shapes and sizes by interchanging bits. It can be especially useful where lots of screws need to be tightened quickly and precisely.

Before you buy an electric screwdriver you must decide what types of jobs you will be doing.

Key features to look out for:

  • Power rating

    Electric screwdrivers are measured in volts (V). Most are cordless and are powered by rechargeable battery. Generally speaking, the higher the voltage, the more efficient the screwdriver and the more work you can get done before it needs recharging.

  • Shape

    A screwdriver can either come in a simple-to-use straight design, a pistol shape or can be multi- positional. The straight electric screwdrivers are the most basic, whereas the pistol shape helps to access awkward angles, and a multi-positional screwdriver will give you the best of both worlds.

  • Variable speed

    You can vary an electric screwdrivers speed to give you greater control, just as with power drills. This feature also helps the screwdriver adapt to different materials and screw types.

  • Torque

    A screwdrivers rotating force, known as torque, can be varied according to the size of the screw, as some screws need more force than others. A screwdriver with lower levels of torque will be fine for everyday tasks; those with variable torque and a higher range are better suited to more involved assembly jobs with multiple screw types.

  • Spindle lock

    For particularly precise tasks, the mechanism of the electric screwdriver can be locked in meaning you can use the screwdriver as a manual tool.

  • Reverse action

    A reverse action feature makes removing screws as simple as putting them in, simply reversing the screwing direction.

  • Fast charge battery

    All our screwdrivers contain Lithium-ion batteries for simple recharging, and some have a feature which enables the screwdriver to be fully charged in an hour or less.

  • Integrated light

    Selected screwdrivers now have lights fitted, to help you see exactly what you're doing even in dim light.