Dolby surround sound buying guide

Dolby was the first surround sound system to take off back in 1982, introducing moviegoers to a whole new way of enjoying films. Dolby Digital is the next generation of audio technology that creates the ultimate home cinema experience in your own living room - ideal for watching DVDs or digital TV.

How does Dolby Digital work?

Dolby Digital 5.1 creates a true home cinema environment by using 6 separate channels of sound. Five of the channels support normal-range speakers: the central speaker, the front two and the rear pair. The sixth channel is for the subwoofer, which provides the dynamic bass. The Dolby Digital system is based on arranging speakers in a similar way to those in the cinema. Dolby Digital supports mono and stereo formats, but offers spectacular sound quality every time.

Be part of the movie with digital surround sound...

Wherever the action is on screen, that's where the sound comes from in your room. If there's a helicopter chasing the hero from the right, that's where you will hear the chopper blades. It's an experience that makes watching movies even more exciting and puts you right in the middle of the adventure.

Arranging your Dolby Digital speakers:

  • To get the most from your Dolby Digital speakers, you should ensure that they are positioned in the best possible way.
  • The front speakers should be placed at either side of the screen facing the viewer, ideally at ear level. The centre speaker is usually placed above or below the television.
  • Rear speakers should be behind the viewer, mounted on the wall if possible, and slightly above ear level.
  • The Dolby Digital subwoofer can be put anywhere on the floor, but be careful in corners as the sound can resonate through the walls and floor, giving over-emphasised bass.