Cross trainers buying guide

Cross trainers provide a low impact way of exercising that achieves results. They exercise the upper and lower body at the same time, making them great for burning off calories quickly. Another benefit is that the pressure placed upon the muscles and joints is less than with some other types of exercise.

What can a cross trainer do for me?

Cross trainers provide a full body workout and are ideal if you'd like to improve your overall fitness, lose weight or tone up. A cross-trainer simulates the action that your foot takes between one step and the next, with a movement similar to the circular motion of a bike. It's like combining the best elements of stair climbing, cross-country skiing and low impact running. If you're training for a big event, a cross-trainer is great for complementing other cardiovascular exercises

Things to consider

  • Pre-programmed workouts

    Most cross trainers are equipped with a range of preset programmes designed to give you not only a varied workout but also to keep you motivated. By choosing the level of intensity, it can simulate different gradients, so at times it feels like you're going uphill.

    Selected models have heart rate controlled workout programmes that allow you to control the intensity of your workout - you simply need to input which heart rate level you want to maintain.

  • Dual action

    Dual action means you can choose between forwards or backwards motion, and by doing so you are able to exercise muscle groups. Cross trainers with this feature have moveable handlebars to help you get a total body workout.

  • Adjustable resistance

    Choose how much effort you put into your workout - adjusting the resistance upwards mean you have to use more energy doing the same thing.

  • Display

    LCD screens keep you updated on your progress like how many calories have been burned or how quickly and how far you've travelled. Some even offer encouraging messages as you work out.